Luts Senior & Senior 65 posing

Sep 4, 2019

    1. I’d like to know how people feel about Luts posing abilities, Male dolls if possible. I found a thread asking about this but it’s from 2008 and the bodies have changed since then.

      I ideally wanted a 3 part torso not 2, but the bodies seem to have a good aesthetic for what I’m after.

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    2. Thank you for starting this! I'd love to share my opinion :)

      I have a Senior Delf boy type 4 and an old version of Senior Delf 65. So far I love them both.

      The SDF body is easy to pose, especially the arms, but I don't like the movement of wrist and ankle, and sometimes I feel like the fingers are pretty big and maybe too big for my liking. The SDF body is hard to stand sometimes (the body likes to bow) but that could be my problem in trying to balance the body. My most favorite thing about SDF body is that it has cute legs <3 and I must say the body looks pretty cute even with those strong abs xD. Well, the legs pose well too. I love it!

      For the old 65 body, I think the wrist and ankle movement is better, but I don't really like elbow joints because it's hard to hold a pose sometimes. This body stands better and easier than SDF body, looks beautiful and lively. I'm not a fan of waist joint (3-part torso). I'm not saying it's not good, it's just personal preference. I think the waist joint makes it slippery when I pose my doll, so I like 2-part torso more. :)
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    3. Thanks. I got a couple of other companies I’m looking at too. Personally, I like 3 part torsos & most of my dolls have them. I find there’s something lacking otherwise. But due to the number of sculpts that fit my criteria (few) I’m considering 2 part.

      I take it the bowing couldn’t be corrected with stringing? I do like my dolls to stand!
    4. It was strung properly since the first day I think. However I never get it restrung so I can't answer you on that. The body can stand without falling, it's not floppy, only the legs like to kick up. I don't really know if the body was strung a bit tight or what since I'm pretty comfortable with it like this. I think when you learn to balance it, there'll be no issue.
      I also want to know other SDF boy owners' opinion on this body, especially the "bowing" thing xD
    5. On the SDF4 body and the new SDF65, the legs are strung independently of the body. That’s why they bow sometimes, but I haven’t found it to be much of an issue. (Finding their center of balance is just a little different than on a traditionally strung doll.)

      I have several LUTS hybrids because I find them to be solid standers and generally balanced posers. I currently have the SDF65 (2 old, 1 new), the SDF4 boy and the new Delf T4. I think the new 65 is the best poser of all of them, but they’re all fun to play with and can stand solidly, touch their faces, etc.
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    6. Do you have an el by chance? or a delf head similar to El size that you might be able to tell me if it fits on a SD65 male body? Thanks.
    7. I don’t have an El anymore, sorry. You could probably fudge it, but Delf Type 2 heads won’t fit on the body without a neck mech or a donut, and Type 1s need a donut. They’re strung differently than most other companies are nowadays.

      This is a really old post, and uh, I have like four more of the new slender bodies now for Oasisdoll hybrids. Absolutely love that one; it has a skinny waist that looks amazing in fitted clothes.