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Luts shipped the wrong doll...

Oct 23, 2006

    1. I'd never really had a problem ordering from Luts before... but they've been failing me left and right, this month. :(

      First off my shipment from Luts was a month late... it was supposed to be sent out before the Korean Holiday and it wasn't. When I contacted them, they told me it would be an additional two weeks before my items were sent out. Which was awful, since there was a costume contest I wanted to enter my Bernard into, and I had ordered him WAY in advance just so that he could be here on time.

      Then... three days later, I see an e-mail from Luts, letting me know that they were shipping my doll. ??? Okay, I'm a little confused, but that's great. That's wonderful, actually. :) That means he'd be coming home, and would make it in time for the costume competition... and his temp face-up and everything would be done in time.

      So it's Friday morning (day before the competition), and the shipment comes in... and I'm jumping around with glee, because he's here and I can't wait to hold him and make him, Him.

      I open the shipping box and immediately see the inner box is blue and says DELF... and I know automatically that they sent me the wrong doll. Because it's supposed to be a Dollshe carrying case, not a Delf box. So I calm down after smoking about 6 cigarettes and downing half a liter of water, and think of the right way to handle this. So I write them an e-mail... which they in turn take 3 days to answer. *_*

      But it looked positive. Because they apologized, and asked for me to send the Delf Special I got, back to them and that they'd ship me my Bernard asap. Sounded great... Until I noticed their address wasn't theirs. And the two times I asked for Luts shipping address, they sent me MY address.
      And they want me to mark the box as $30 :o ((which I have to say, I was reluctant to do, because what's gonna happen if it gets lost?!)) but I did so, anyway because I don't want them angry at customs fees ~ and considering they were going to reimburse me the shipping amount I had to pay out of pocket to pay for their mistake; it was the least I could do, right?

      I'm still worried though... he's due in Korea on Wednesday the 25th... and they're supposed to get back to me on when my Bernard's being shipped. And I wonder if they're even going to ship him with both sets of eyes I ordered as well... or if they're just going to send him alone... because they don't recall having sent them or not (which they haven't!) :doh

      I guess what I'm trying to ask is...

      Have you gone through this before, and if you were or have been in my situation, what would you, or did you do?
      I want my doll home. I didn't want a substitute, and I'm not the kind of person who would be quiet about a mistake and sell the other doll on the side to make a profit. I just want Kylyk home before my birthday... I'm turning 26, on November 6th, and I'd like to have him home for that. And sucky as it sounds, I don't think it's gonna happen... :|
    2. I've noticed this happen a LOT recently with Luts. They either leave things out of orders completely or ship the wrong doll. x_x I know it just happened to jacobean too!
      I'm hoping everything gets sorted out soon, and that it's just because of the backlog from the holiday that they had...

      I hope you get your boy on time! :aheartbea
    3. ..Wow. D:

      I've not heard of that happen before.

      That's really worrying. :C I'd totally freak out if that happened to one of my dolls, so I don't blame you for being so riled up over this.
    4. it's just happened to Jacobean as well, i really thinks luts are lsing their brains :|
    5. Lol Meet Tanning Lishe *Tanning Lishe waves with bubble wrap hands* She has come to the wrong place too. She's hanging out with me until Luts gets back to me.
    6. x__x psyence and I just ordered my first doll last week.. and I'm SO worried, now. They might ship the wrong doll.. or not ship him at all, by the look of things. And what's more, someone has recently recieved a type 2 El instead of a type 1, though she ordered it before the option for type 2 El was available.

      So I might recieve a type 2 Shiwoo, even though I REALLY don't want one. I hope the answer my question about it on the Q&A board tomorrow.

      =__=; Luts are really annoying me right now. They're giving a lot of people a lot of hassle! :(
    7. Sheesh if that happened to me I'd be stressed for days!
      I'd end up having to cry it off, like I did the time a head a had purchased ended up being white skin....

    8. Oh man, thats HORRIBLE! I don't know what I'd do if I got the wrong doll. What a disappointment. :( I hope your Bernard comes home soon.

      And I hope you have a good birthday anyway! (It's my birthday too! :D)
    9. Don't worry, someone on the problem to the last message I saw a couple days back gave you the correct address. I know they kept giving you yours!
    10. They sent me the wrong tracking number when I got my Moon. Two weeks later, the doll's here and they still haven't replied to my email :(
    11. If that happened to me I would be so upset! And I'd have to show it to them in emails, why should anyone be nice when they have clearly messed up? I mean I wouldn't curse them out or anything like that but I'd be very stern and now I know if I ever do order from them in the future I will have to express how serious my order is and that it needs to be right the first time.
    12. I don't understand how they mess that up, why would the person want their own address? o_O
    13. Well it took them a month and half to ship out my habit noir outfit/black garter shorts.
      Then it took them another 3 weeks to send out my MNF Shiwoo twins. They should arrive today or tomorrow, and I had to email them and bug them about when they were going to send them, and they said please be patient, give us 3-6 days, and then the next day i got shipping info. I hope they don't send the wrong dolls O_O

      they have been a bit more off than usual, and i have ordered 75% of my past dolls from them with nothing but good service.
      I think part of the problem is they released so many new dolls and limiteds in a short amount of time, and therefore have become swamped T_T on top of that, all the new outfits, and the korean holiday . . . .
    14. I don't feel they have any excuse. They are a running business and if they continue to mess up they have the possibility of losing a lot of good paying customers. They have to realize that people are going to get upset, if I pay hundreds of dollars for something I expect to get good or atleast decent service and no mess ups. Shipping already takes so long :o
    15. I agree dear, there isn't an excuse for low quality service. I was just giving some reason for the lack of it. They should very much so take responsability for every mis-shipped doll, and mistaken order!
    16. This happened with a friend of mine too - she ordered a type-1 small bust body during the NaNuRi event in order to make a NaNuRi girl, and they sent her the head already attached to a large bust type-2 body. -____-; Sometimes I think they don't even READ order forms and requests - you don't focus on the event head first and THEN the actual order, you fill the actual order and throw the event head in as a bonus.

      My one deal with LUTS went well, but at this rate, I think I'll try to get my MNF Soo second-hand. At least then I won't have to deal with, "Hello, lovely whoever ~~ *engrish engrish engrish*" o_O;;
    17. The worst that happened to me was getting a notice on a shipped order that I knew hadn;t shipped.... but they answered my question very promptly and apologised for the mix-up.

      I do find a lot of the recent reports about Luts worrying, and I count myself lucky that nothing worse has happened to me so far....
    18. I suprised they weren't more careful with something so big and valuable even if they have been busy, I mean if this is happening a lot I can see the cost of fixing the errors eating up all their profits
    19. Agreed. 0_o

      I'm not planning to buy any more whole dolls, but I still have a fair few residents in the Head Museum who need bods. The idea of not getting the right sort of bod worries me.
    20. I, nor the other people in my ouse who constantly order from LUTS, have ever had a problem. I suppose we'll be sure of that once our most current order arrives, but I personally (even if it isn't the best point of view customer service wise) can understand why they could mess up a small percentage of orders, considering how many different countries order from them..... I'm surprised they managed so long without more mixed up orders. THey key thing here is that they are ready and willing to correct their mistakes ^^;