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Luts Smokey Quartz MiniFe Shiwoo

Aug 13, 2010

    1. So... what's the deal with this guy? If it's legit, he's coming home, but I didn't think Luts were allowed to do MiniFee anymore...
    2. I don't think anyone knows what the deal is other than Luts or Fairyland. All we can do is speculate. But man, he's so pretty. I've been wanting a tanned MiniFee for so long. :( I was just hoping that Fairyland would be the one to release them, like they did with the ChocoPukis.
    3. My friend just suggested it might be a bending of the rules for the 10th Anniversary? I just want some solid news on him so I know when my wallet will be hurting
    4. That would be interesting and plausible as well. Man, I wish there was a way to know when more details will be made available to the public about this release.
    5. Well it is a Delf Art. There's probably only going to be 3-20 of them at most. Serious want though for some inexplicable reason.
    6. Very serious want. *sigh*
    7. I will stalk that guy to get him. Serious want is Serious.
    8. I hate to be a wet blanket, but in the long long ago when Luts did tan delfs and minifees, they had neck cracking and greening issues. He is freaking adorable, but approach with caution.

      That said, he is mucho drool worthy. He may throw a mega wrench into my summer doll plans.
    9. I'm also really wanting him. He'd be the perfect little brother for my Crobidoll Dante >.< I'm definitely going to be stalking this... I'm hoping I can order him.
    10. Understandable, heard the horror stories... perhaps, they've gotten better? Well, either way, he's a Shiwoo and needs to join my family. Green or not XD
    11. I hope he's not too limited. But as pointed out, seeing as how he's in the 'Delf Art' category, I suppose he will be. *sigh* I guess we'll there will be some Shiwoo/Siwoo hunting once his release date is set. XD
    12. Oh yes, I'll definitely be on the hunt for this boy. I really would love to have him home T^T
    13. Good luck to all the hunters. But be advised that I'm going to try my best to snare him as well. :) He'll fit in well amongst the other Shiwoos here.
    14. Be vewy vewy quiet... We're hunting Shiwoos... or Siwoos.... Well, whatever, they're pretty!
    15. Does anyone know when Luts usually release news like release dates and times? OwO
    16. No. But since it's the weekend now, I assume we'll all know by Sunday night/Monday. Though Luts has posted notices and responded to questions on the weekends before, so it could go either way?
    17. Asked the Q & A, hopefully I'll get some kind of answer aside "can't tell you, global news release needed" or something
    18. Or wait I read that wrong, gj me.
    19. Okay guys, no more speculating. I got an answer from Fairyland and it is a legitimate release. They said that they have not collaborated with or supplied new releases to Luts and this is more than likely a release from stock that they already had and have decided to sale. That makes me think he'll be a very limited release, which makes it hard for us Shiwoo hunters. However, we still need to wait for Luts' side because Fairyland cannot speak for them officially, obviously. Fairyland also doesn't plan on releasing any other tanned dolls, so that means this may be the last time we see a tanned Shiwoo. :(
    20. I sincerely hope that's not the latest in the charming examples of Luts shafting CP. If they really are releasing what is blatantly a Shiwoo under a different name to get around the ownership rights, that's pretty low! Much as I am OWNED by my woo's I dunno that I feel entirely happy buying from luts if that really is the current state of play...and presumably that's a b line body since the a lines really ARE Fairyland's...