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Luts special event~ I'm spreading the joy!

Apr 16, 2006

    1. Just got lucky and found this on Luts' notice board: they'll have another event, just like last October!

      Here's the original text:

      This April's the first anniversary of our Japan WebSite opening

      LUTS is about to celebrate its first anniversary, so We have event(Gift Item) for all customer.

      If you buy some items During 20.APR.2006 ~ 20.MAY.2006.(In KOREA Time)

      Each one order Total amount $110 ~ $330, We will give 1 item (1 WIG).

      Each one order Total amount over $330, We will give 2 items (1 WIG & 1 Shoes)

      Please select Size(DELF, KID Delf or CUTIE Delf), Leave the message on order request box.

      For example,

      If you make order $150 (With message KID-Delf size),

      We will send your order items with 1 random KID-Delf WIG.

      If you make order $350 (With message Delf size),

      We will send your order items with 1 random Delf WIG & 1 random Delf SHOES.

      These Gift items all random, You can not choice that.

      Ahhh~! And I wasn't thinking about welcoming a new friend for at least six to eight months... :sweat
    2. Does this mean you could order a Mini Fee and get a Delf size wig that would fit but only shoes for DELF, KID Delf or CUTIE Delf which wouldn't fit the Mini Fee? Or could you ask for Mini Fee sized shoes?

      I only have a Mini Fee and would have no use for any of the other sized shoes. I really wanted to wait to order the El but I was considering this offer so I'd order now. But I'm not going to order unless both the shoes and wigs would fit.