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Luts Special Sale of outfits coming

Mar 16, 2007

    1. I think Luts found some clothes that have been gone from the site for a while.

      From Luts:

      Special Sales of doll outfits is coming!>


      We'll start to sell some clothes at reduced price on March 21st 12:00 PM.

      For more information, please refer to the 'News' board.

      If you have any questions, please leave your message on Q&A board.

      Thank you so much.


      Also here is a list of what is going to be for sale. If I am correct these all were previously sold out and removed from the website.

      [Delf Boy]

      MILD CHOCOLAT for Boy (Pink)
      MILD CHOCOLAT for Boy (Blue)
      Balinese Jumper (White)
      Tail Wing
      Law Cut Top (Black)
      Tassel Jeans
      MEIXIANG for Boy (Black)
      MEIXIANG for Boy (Gold)
      PIRATE SPIRIT for Boy
      Super Rookie For Boy limited

      [Delf Girl]

      Serseant Fem
      Bluish Bud
      Orient Sun
      Velvet Wine
      Division Top (Black)
      Division Top (White)


      BONITA For Girl Fee (Grass Green)
      Night Cat
      Gothic Art
      DUFFLE COAT SET for Girl Fee
      DUFFLE COAT SET for Boy Fee


      Hell Cat Hood-T
      Lollipop Beret Set
      Strawberryfield Wrinkle Shirts
      Rainy Blossom (White)