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LUTS Super Senior Delf Cloud and Regen discussion

Dec 12, 2008

    1. I'd have to say Regen is my favorite too. +_+ I really want to get him in the future. :aheartbea <3
    2. Yeah Regen for me too heheeh. They're both stunning but I think he's more mature so he wins it for me. Gorgeous boys.
    3. I'm getting Regen. I was emant to just get the body but his head is so gorgeous, i'm keeping it XD. I wonder when they are releasing those clothes they are wearing.
    4. I really like the way both look, they look really handsome. When I first saw Cloud I though his face kinda reminded me of a cat (maybe it's the eyes)
    5. I liked both of them but when i found out that it was a super senior, i was bummed out. They're too tall for me :(
    6. I love Cloud! He looks a bit like a grown-up Bory.

      I probably won't be getting him though, he looks a bit too.. young? For that size. Especially since I've got plans of getting more mature-looking dolls in a smaller size.
    7. I love Regen. <3 I was slightly confused at first because it was "out of stock"...but then I realized they aren't selling him until the 15th in Korea. I want him really badly but I dunno... xD
    8. I really like Regen...but I would love him as a girl. Does anyone know if Luts will be releasing a girl body or doll, or are there any other bodies SSD heads match?
    9. I think Clouds head is a little small, but Regen is the best SuperSenior Delf mold so far. he's really stunning. ^^
    10. I'm pretty sure these new heads can also fit on a SDF body as well, thats what I'm doing with my Regen.
    11. When do you expect to get Regen? I would love to see what he looks like on a SDF body :)
    12. Well I'm currently in a split for the head and it was ordered on 15th right when LUTS first started taking orders so I imagine he should be in the first batch of Regen's shipped. However I wont be able to order an SDF body til after the new years so maybe not until Feb :sweat.
    13. I first fell in love with Cloud cause of the face, but his expression didn't match what I was looking for in my first Dolfie, so I found Regen and now I'm madly in love! Regen is gonna be my first Dolfie once I get enough $ saved up from work. Hopefully he'll be in my arms by March. One thing I was wondering was if anyone who had him had any advice for me as a first time owner?
    14. Does anyone know if a Super Senior Delf head can be swapped onto a normal Senior Delf body without it looking... weird?
    15. Rengen is from Luts supersenior series has any of you guys gotten it yet? if you have care to show pics ? is he a good dolly?:D
      i just wanted to see how tall it looked in rl is hard to see by only watching thier pics on the website D:
    16. omg LC BUDYY X3 you always rescuing me XD i love you O: omgs thankies so much for the links he is so pretty!!
    17. I sold my Regen head to a member under split order.
      Here's the only three picture I have ......

      Take me to the post!