Luts Super Senior Delf Discussion - Pt. 2

Jul 12, 2013

    1. Wow, he still looks amazing. Did you make his flower headband?
    2. Your Adam is gorgeous! And I love his dragon tattoo. When Luts had Abadon on sale earlier this year, I was sooo tempted to get him, but he got bumped by another doll that was higher priority. I still have my sights set on him though. :)
    3. salvarion>> He's rather sweet-looking with that flower wreath on his head. ^^;;

      lilbrokendolly>> I have a soft spot for Abadons! :D
    4. Yay or handsome boys! My Abadon had his body taken again so I don't have any new pictures to share.

      I really like the romantic version of Avalanche that is out now. I liked him before, but I like the new version better with the narrower eyes. <3
    5. Avalanche has always been a favorite of mine, and I just love the new romantic version of him. With his narrower eyes and little smile, he looks like he's plotting something.

      I just ordered a Shinsengumi outfit for my Regen, so when that comes in, I'll have new pictures of him to spam. :)
    6. salvarion I love your BJD man there. He really look cool :blush

      I have wanted a SSDF for some time now. But no of the head sculpts were enough mature or masculine looking for me. And eyes are a bit to big for the manly character I've got in mind.

      But I knew that depending on the skin color and face-up even a SSDF can get real masculine and hunky. So I googled Cane which is the SSDF sculpt that I have been most interested in. And I find a picture of an unpainted Cane. And I was happy to see that he look like that manly hunk that I had in mind.

      I need a man for my future My Choice Delf Boy (SDF Frey). So If I ever get a SSDF, Cane is the man :)

      Here is the link to the pictures I've found of the unpainted Cane

      He look really amazing! A real manly man:D
    7. Ah, the new Avalanche is literally slaying me >3>;;; I have a very particular fixation to narrow-eyed smirky men if we're to go by what my three holy grail dolls used to be... but all things considered the original Avalanche fits C's personality better so I bear with it! xD

      I have a few photos of C from our mini-meet last Tuesday but I'm not sure if I can make anything presentable out of them. I'll be working on a proper shoot soon though, so hopefully everything will turn out well! As for shopping, sadly, he's not getting any new clothes for a little while longer still, although I do have plans on finally getting him a fluffy coat this winter (it's really cold where I'm from so I always feel bad if my dolls are underdressed xD; ) but other than that I have just too much trouble finding things that fit his style in his size...
    8. Drive-by sharing of my biggest and my smallest. Had them both since 2009. Because who says characters with such a huge size difference can't exist in the same story! :P
    9. C does not comprehend why size difference should be a problem either! Here he is (in a really old picture) with Finn who stands at a mere 18cm and despite that is still one of his best friends!
      Much love to your pair as well Jeido~ <3 love seeing these odd sized pairups!

    10. Oh gosh I really love C's wig - especially with that faceup! I'm actually looking to get Jack one similar so that he can cosplay Crowley from Good Omens at a con with me! :D
    11. Ahaha~! Thank you! Sadly he doesn't use it anymore... but I got him a similar one in red... which, in turn, sadly isn't quite as fluffy...


      Finally took some new pictures too!
    12. My two Luts super senior Delf boys, in Avalance mold and the winter event head from 2010. Known as Nial and Loki
    13. My Cane finally arrived! Here's a quick cell camera photo of Blair wearing his Defenso Set~

    14. Congratulations on your Cane's arrival. He looks great!

      Here is my Regen in his new Shinsengumi uniform. The darn ants were crawling on him so I couldn't get a really good pose, but I just ordered a new wig for him to match his samurai look, so I'll try another photoshoot when his wig comes in.


      Hope this picture posts ok. I was having problems posting pictures recently.
    15. Pixie-Pan -- great shinsengumi outfit!!! Beautiful!

      My Adam got a new wig today, and we would like to show you all how absurdly handsome he is now::)

    16. What a pretty wig. It really suits him! I love Adam's pouty, smoldering-eye look. :D

      I'm glad you're able to see my picture. I was not sure if anyone can see it. I can see it from my home PC, but when I'm at work, my pictures don't show up, but I can still see other people's pictures ok. Maybe some sites are being blocked at work, so some pictures don't display? Dunno...
    17. Hello :)
      I'm looking at getting a SSDF Regen, but I was hoping someone could help me out before I decide. Does anyone have/know of any pics of an SSDF boy next to a 58cm or 60cm girl? I have a Supiadoll Nael here who needs her boyfriend to come home ;) Any help would be appreciated!

      Also, I love everyone's dolls! Such handsome men <3
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