Event LUTS Surprise Event - Sale of IN STOCK dolls

Dec 14, 2018

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      Thank you for your love for LUTS dolls for year.

      At the end of the year, we are looking for nice people for our left lonley dolls, waiting for their family at our office!

      Order now - we ship them immediately.
      Don't miss this rare chance - only few is on sale.

      * DATE :
      18th Dec 2018 (Tue) 12:00 (KST) ~ Until sold out

      * SALE list

      Tiny Delf TYLTYL + face-up Elf ver. (Normal Skin)

      Tiny Delf ALICE + face-up (Normal Skin)

      Honey Delf HANAEL ver.1 + face-up (TYPE 5, White Skin)

      Honey Delf MADELEINE Sweety Limited + faec-up (TYPE 5, White Skin)

      Honey Delf HANAEL Sweety Limited + face-up (TYPE 5, White Skin)

      Kid Delf BORY ELF Limited + Untold story ver.face-up + limited clothes + wing part (BOY TYPE 2, Normal Skin)

      Baby Delf DAISY + Dolk colaboration ver. face-up (White Skin)

      * These dolls were manufactured in Aug~Sep 2018, remains in our stock due to sudden order cancel or schedule change from international doll event. They were kept unopend since their birth, but please kindly understand that time passed by since they were produced.​
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