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LUTS temporarily reopens paypal payments

Nov 30, 2007

    1. Just saw this message on Lut's page.

      Good news for those wanting to do the christmas event but don't have a credit card.
    2. Sounds like they are going to be 'rotating' or using a bunch of different accounts to get around whatever 'blocks' paypal is setting up for them currently.

    3. I don't think this is to get around the problems w/ paypal since they had been doing this before they quit using paypal.
    4. but the problem is ,how can get that paypal address ?by email ?or when order over ,it will show to buyer?
    5. This sounds really confusing. How will we know which address to use if we make a purchase?
    6. They will give you a specific paypal address to use when you check out. Write it down. Use that one. It may not be the same one that your friend gets so you cant ask someone else.
      Paypal has a few problems for them(and other Korean companies). Paypal charges a horrible rate for exchange, this is a big driver. Then people will cancel their orders (for assorted reasons) and request refunds via paypal. Paypal will then put a hold on the luts paypal account and they wont be able to take payments. Thats likely the reason for the multiple accounts - to reduce the risk that it will be shut down. Its similar to the way large internet companies will spread their payments among multiple merchant processors to reduce the risk of chargeback ratings.
    7. Just wanted to report that I just placed an order with Luts (wanted to get my wig order in before the big rush with the Holiday events, since everything seems to go out of stock during those periods), and I did indeed get the option for Paypal payment when I selected "Wire Transfer" as my payment method. The address for payment was given at that time, and also in the order confirmation e-mail.

      Sent the payment, and it works!! Hallelujah! :D
    8. I HATE that there are no double points for Credit Card Payment. I dislike Paypal a lot, so I use it the minimum (and VISA and my bank exchange for USD is better than Paypal).
      But since Luts do will get more money from my purchase than from Paypal purchases, they could have left the double points thing.
      IMHO, If they really want people to favor Cards this was a good moment to motivate people to chose card.
    9. Thats actually a great idea, with double points. I hate to use wire transfer, it costs me a lot of money and takes time, it would for sure motivate me better if i could have extra points.

      Paypal :D
    10. I dont understand what is going on? I paid in the wee hours with Paypal. Used balance transfer and remainder with cc. I asked Luts if they could confirm payment and they said "received order, but couldnt confirm". I'm still on *payment pending*. Called my cc company and said everything looks fine....

      Anyone having trouble too? :(

    11. I just paid with paypal also and mine still says "payment pending" Also. I think Luts has to manually change the status about the order. So we should just be patient I think! Hopefully they'll get to it soon. I also left a comment on their Q&A. Seems like they are very busy with orders. @.@
    12. uh quick very stupid question... what currency should I mark it as?
      it's dollars...but what dollars?
      I am remarkably dumb.
    13. US Dollars. If it's the english site, that's what they use. There is no Kon (I think) for them.