Luts Tiny Delf Discussion Part 7

Feb 3, 2017

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    1. Hansel and Gretel have found a gingerbread house - but it's a tiny one!
      [​IMG]Gingerbread by spih_2, on Flickr
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    2. spih: Aw, nice. I love Gretel's red version outfit. Watch out for the witch! :eek:
    3. aww they look so cute ^^ They can crush that witch >:D
    4. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had an TDF Akka? I know they were released earlier this year but I haven't been able to find any owner pics :(

      Also, I heard there was a change to the tiny delf body but I wasn't able to find the comparison pics/pics of the new body, does anybody know where I can find it? :O
    5. Here comparison of old and new bodies:
      Welcome to LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company
    6. Thank you so much!! :)

      Oh man, I'm not sure how I feel about the body, does anyone own it? How does it look irl? :o

      (Sorry for many questions ^^;; hxkwinxkekxj)
    7. @Kima Your Lana is just darling, the oscardoll eyes compliment her faceup and body colors so perfectly. (The centaurs are amaaaazing) I'm smitten, she's so photogenic!!

      Would anyone that has a Tiny 20 be willing to share a little about their posability? The website photos look great, but since the legs are strung separately from the rest of the body I was wondering if detracted from anything?

      I would also love to see owner photos of the old and new bodies at some point, too. The differences seem so small but I wonder how the posing improved... it was already pretty good (imho) so I'm still curious why they changed it!
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    8. It’s nice seeing others that are gray! n.n

      My picture won’t show for some reason

      Tiny Delf Alice My unnamed Alice
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    9. i only have an old body, and haven't played with mine for a while, so didn't realize they had changed it. the new body looks a little younger since it is chubbier. at first glance it looks slightly better in proportion to the head, and maybe closer in size to the lati yellow body? i'd be interested in seeing what someone who has both thinks though
    10. Hi folks! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Can anyone share how easy it is to swap hands for Tiny Delfs? I have a Luts Model Delf whose hands are on hooks so it's super easy, but when I look at pictures of the replacement hands for Tiny Delfs it looks like they are on rings. Are they strung through the arms? I'm smitten with Jack and I'm just trying to figure out if getting the extra hands makes sense. I know if they are a pain to switch I won't ever do anything with them, lazy dolly mom that I am.
    11. @schmooples It seems like the right place to ask, imho! Like lacybug said, they have S hooks~ I snapped a picture for you! (Since I had one sitting on my desk in front of me) I don't think it'd be too hard to swap hands, maybe just a tiny bit more work because of the small hook size- but I definitely think it'd be worth extra hands.

      Also, 100% recommend Jack sculpt! The pouty cheeks are just the best.

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    12. @Lacybug , @Beedalee thank you for the responses and picture! I think I will get the extra hands then, I just was afraid I was going to have to re string every time I wanted a swap.
    13. Hello there! I got my Tiny Delf Peter a while ago (after the hybrid Tiny Delf/Lati Yellow which is my profile pic). She is second hand and I had a hard time washing her (for some reason there was some white sealant on her legs and body). The good part is that she was easy to restring (and hands are easy to swap without restringing) but her skin color is not even (for exemple, her face is lighter than her forehead). Is it a common issue with real skin brown? Here is the cutie:
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    14. @AnnaDolly Do you have a picture of her without her wig? I have a realskin brown Hansel and I haven't noticed any difference in his aging skin. (Though, he's only from 2017.) The difference in color could be from sealant. And the white sealant on her legs could be just from aging or from temperature and humidity changes.

      She's adorable and looks super cute in her little pajamas! :)
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    15. My little mermaid baby shipped ^^ I'm so hyped :o I feel its early ....
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    16. @auntbear What a cute little photo! I love seeing tinies decorating trees.

      @Mushoom Congrats!! I'm sure you can't wait to get your little mermaid home!
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