Luts Tiny Delf Discussion Part 7

Feb 3, 2017

    1. @Mushoom, Squee! Congratulations, you must be over the moon!
    2. So happy for you!
    3. Gretel..."Happy New Year"

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    4. Yes I'm super happy :D I'm just waiting for her to tell me her name... and whether shes good or evil xD

      Happy New year :D Gretel is lovely ^^
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    5. Can anyone tell me why the Flickr photos are no longer showing?
    6. Look at these adorable little unicorns Luts is releasing soon! They have little horsey legs and tails but not the entire centaur body which I think is a really cute idea. It would make them able to wear ordinary clothing and you wouldn’t need shoes. What does everybody else think?

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    7. @PoeticSoul aww! They are cuties, like propper little satyrs. They are going to be hard to resist when they go on sale, that's for sure!
    8. Aw that’s really cute <3
      I like Muriel too.
      I think it’s weird the magnet is not installed inside though... Put it on with tape? Ehh?!
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    9. Those are really cute! I’m especially loving the new faces.
    10. The new tinies are so cute!

      My little centaur would like to have a new friend :love
      [​IMG]20 by Татьяна Kimka, on Flickr
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    11. Love all the pastels on this page! My girl tends to go for brighter colors, but I think I'm going to have to wrestle her into pink soon.

      Out of curiosity, does anyone have tips for avoiding these guy's default "airplane arms" pose? I'm getting a little bit frustrated with her arms at the moment.


      Lizzie likes to do the "big arms" thing. We can't all do the big arms thing.
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    12. Whelp I'd like to say no buuuut.... XD

      [​IMG]Project Wardrobe by suniko Z, on Flickr

      My boy Kiwi got a new top made and he's just so cuuuuuute!!!!!
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    13. I like the TD “airplane” pose xD
      But to avoid it maybe just keep the elbows bent.

      What bothers me with these guys is the torso always leans back too much giving them the “chubby tummy” look xD

      Seriously though, yeah, bending the arms at the elbows is ok. But when they're wearing long or loose sleeves, it looks kinda unnatural to me.
    15. I haven't gotten my tiny delf yet (but should this week, I'm so excited) but I wonder if a little wiring might help with the airplane pose? Though I've never had a doll so small, I don't know if wiring is even a option at this scale.
    16. @schmooples you can wire them, the wire just has to fit through the arm holes. Though, I'm not sure what guage you would use. You can probably find it in the workshop under customizing and maintenance. Also, does the newer body have the airplane arms problem? Or is it mostly the older body?
    17. I couldn't pass this up. I'm dying for a centaur as well. This will be my first tiny.
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    18. I caved and got myself one too!!! I was deciding between Gretel, Alice and Tyltyl for the longest time since they each have their own charms but I can only afford one :( Finally settled on Alice!
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