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Luts Tiny Delf Discussion Part 7

Feb 3, 2017

    1. I have a Fairyland PukiPuki Cupid head and ordered a Tiny Delf body for her, I was wondering if anyone knows how well they will fit together? The Puki Cupid head is slightly bigger than the normal Puki head, and one of my friends told me that the Tiny Delf body is bigger than a PukiPuki one, so would I be right in assuming it fits? Thank you
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    2. I have a Tiny Delf/Lati Yellow hybrid (my profil pic) and it fits (except for color match: Lati NS is pinkier than Luts NS and I assume it will be the same for Fairyland NS). So provided the neck part sets in, it should be right. That will be an interesting hybrid, I'm looking forward to see that!
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    3. I got Akka elf version :)
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    4. Tiny delfs are more inline with Pukifee size rather than Pukipuki, so the head might be a bit small but we’ll have to see!
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    5. Thank you both <3 I can't wait to see either! I'll be sure to post when the body comes
    6. Hello!

      After some lurking, I can finally join this thread as today I received my first tiny delf ever, a brown skin Jack. I was a little “scared” about this mold, as seems it isn’t as popular as others, and had some difficulties to find owner’s pics. But now that I have it in my hands, I just love her! ❤️

      Now it’s time to make her wig and go for a face-up, and maybe then she’ll tell me her name :)

      Just a crappy pic:

      [​IMG]TDF Tiny Delf Jack (RSB) by Solsikke al Sol, en Flickr
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    7. Solsikke: Good for you, Jack is one of the cutest tiny Luts in my opinion. I have a grey Jack elf.

      Come back and post after the face up! I love the jumper your doll has on as well!
    8. Oh the gray skin is just lovely. I love the softness of the color so much!
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    9. The dolls on this page are adorable! Jack is a very cute sculpt.
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    10. Thank you! I love your grey Jack since the very first moment I saw it. That color fits amazingly well with the elf ears. It's a pity it was a limited color :(

      Thank you! I agree with you, tiny delf dolls are adorable! :love

      I did a mock-up when I ordered her. Not sure if she'll end having that look, but I'd like something like this (ignore the resin colour, I had to modify a Luts promo pic of a real normal one):

      [​IMG]Luts Tiny Delf Jack * Mock-up by Solsikke al Sol, en Flickr
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    11. Oh that looks amazing!! I can't wait to see the final product, you did a really great job
    12. I am in love with the Alice sculpt. I'm trying to find lighter eyes for her since I think they will look better. Currently own 2 Alice tinies but I still haven't snapped pictures of the other one ♥

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    13. @AnnaDolly and @Lacybug so I got the tiny delf body, and it isn't the color I was hoping for and her head/neck would need some sanding IF it were to work out. I'm sad but I can't decide if I want to try finding a PukiPuki body and just get a head for the Tiny Delf body or try to sand and paint it. Below is what it looks like, the skin color is a BIT more noticeable irl, and the stringing is super tight (which I know will loosen a bit over time)

    14. Kitanya: She's adorable!
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    15. Cuteness overload! Where did you get their clothes?