Luts Tiny Delf Discussion Part 7

Feb 3, 2017

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    2. Your little girl is actually making me consider a Jack, that grumpy face is to die for!

      They're both very adorable. It might just be the lighting or face-up but their skin tones seem so different. They could be sisters though.

      I'm currently on the fence about getting another tiny delf. I kind of want a little travel companion. So many sculpts I like though. I own an Alice but I'd so consider getting another and then there's Gretel, Tyltyl, Jack and all those other cuties. I might be in trouble.
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    3. Siara: Both. The lighting makes them look more yellow than they are - they are both normal skin. If you can look at Hanael's hand you can see they are similar. They DID over blush Hanaels face. I also don't care for the orangey color of her eyeliner, lashes and brow either, Oh well. :(

      All those Tiny delfs are cute, Tyltyl is a fave that I don't have.
    4. I've had the worst of days yesterday. I stumbled upon an adorable Tiny Delf (one I've been meaning to add to the family for years) that was in stock at the local dealer but halfway the online payment process they contacted me saying someone in the physical store bought her just a minute before. I thought I'd be able to shrug it off but it's still bothering me. A bit silly to feel down about something like this, isn't it? Could I have some cheer up spam nevertheless while I figure out where to go from here?
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    5. Hi all! Apologies if this question’s been asked before, but I’ve been through this whole thread and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Can anyone tell me what size eyes you put in your little ones? I’m particularly looking at Mytyl, Tyltyl, and Jack (omg the Jacks in this thread are killing me!).

      I know LUTS says 12mm but I’m wondering if that’s accurate or if the poor kids would end up with no whites visible if I follow that. :XD:
    6. Amet: There's quite a bit of white showing in my Jacq -- I put in 10mm but personally I love the look.

      If you look at @Kima pretty Jack Centaur though the 12mm eyes really look great. So, it's what you like.

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    7. @stellarphenomena Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I needed to see! Both sizes look good to me, so I’ll have to mull it over a little I think. Your gray cutie is adorable, and so is @Kima’s centaur! :D
    8. @Amet I feel like 12mm is pretty accurate, especially for Tyltyl since her eyewells are open wider than Jack or Myltyl. I noticed some varying iris sizes between eyes I've bought recently just in the 12mm range too. I don't know if you need this, but here's some picture refs!!


      left to right: luts 12mm; lemonjellyshoppe 12mm in the right eye and some generic gold glass 12mm in the left eye; and then a 10mm pair for a test comparison on the end, with some noticeable gaps. i only have one pair of 10mm to try and no 14mm to speak of though... :frownyblush: here's some eyes in my jack too, all 12mm, if you wanna look at that as well. they don't look as dramatic in photos, but in that photo the luts pair feels right in the middle, with lemonjelly looking small and the generic blue glass pair having the largest looking iris.

      i hope the visuals help, it was a good excuse to rearrange who was wearing what pair of eyes~ :whee:
    9. Thank you so much for all the refs! I ended up ordering Mytyl and Tyltyl, so this is really helpful! (I have a terrible feeling if they stick Jack will follow in the fall. *coughs*) I’m so used to SDs where you can get away with fudging sizes a little, but a millimeter of iris size either way is probably going to make a difference in terms of expression with these guys. I think I’ll start with 12mm to avoid gapping and if they look like the irises are taking up the eye sockets size down from there.

      Both your TDFs are adorable btw! <3
    10. I can also confirm that 10mm is too small for Tyltyl, and indeed leaves gaps. I use 12mm for all my TDFs, and I look for an iris size of 6mm.
    11. Thank you! I really appreciate how super helpful you’ve all been! :hug:
    12. Thank you very much!! I'm happy it helped you out, congrats on your incoming dolls!! May they wiggle their way into your heart quickly :aheartbea

      I will also make a mental note of 6mm irises for future reference myself, that is very helpful!!
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    13. Girls, what are all cute! Incredible!
      And I, with all my love for tini, never thought that I would house a doll with facial expressions!))
      And here I have this wonderful boy)) Mitya
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    14. My tiny delf unicorn should ship any day now :D
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    15. Hi everyone ^__^ I recently received a lovely little Tiny Delf Alice in the mail. Turns out I have twins now. So...I was thinking of maybe creating a little boy but I'm not sure yet.

      Could anyone tell me if clothing made for Pukifee or Lati Yellow will fit our Tiny Delfs? I have a dress here for Pukifee but it looks awfully short on my Alice. Too short. I'm worried about pants. I was looking at Pukifee pants from TTYA and I'm worried it won't fit their chubby legs. Does anyone have experience with their items or does anyone know a place to get Tiny Delf jeans?
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    16. [​IMG]
      Here is little Thea! She is the Akka sculpt. Her horn magnet was actually put in backwards upon arrival. I made that little wrap dress for her. I found that 1:12 scale chair in the doll house section of hobby lobby. Her tail actually fits in between the bars on the back of the chair, so shes able to wear it while sitting. I should probably invest in a stand though. She is my first tiny.
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    17. @midori28 Aww! She’s very cute. I love her sculpt.
    18. @Siara my experience is that anything labeled for lati yellow will fit the tdf body. I just recently got pants from gugumoda on etsy that fit really well and I'm going to get jeans from there next. I know ttya does pants for lati yellow, so I would go with that size. I don't have a pukifee so I can't say 100% certain one way or another. But I had gotten a pukifee sized set for my lati yellow that the top and skirt pieces fit well, but the knee high socks wouldn't go past her mid calf. They were just short.