Luts Tiny Delf Discussion Part 7

Feb 3, 2017

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    1. Can anyone tell me about the size of a Luts Tiny Delf? Thanks.
    2. @txchiclady tiny delfs are about 16cm/6.3in tall. :) they're similar to lati yellow and pukifee sized dolls.
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    3. Thank you, Zavarinas for the information!
    4. Did anyone else get a Tiny Delf "Unicorn Forest Fairy"?
    5. I did! I posted a picture of her. I think it's on the previous page.
    6. I'm sorry I don't come bearing pictures but I've been postponing lately. More a matter of lack of funds than actual postponing though.

      So my little 'Alice' is stil naked and adorable, which is actually a slight worry. The character I'm wanting to shell is a bit of a bad / dark boy and I'm a little scared the sculpt will seem a bit too adorable even dressed up the part. I guess there's no telling until I do dress 'him' but also reluctant to spend money on something that might not work out. I have some side characters that I could shell that are more cutesy so I guess that's a back-up plan.

      On that note, spam your beautiful Tiny Delf. Next time I'll try and bring you spam as well.
    7. They are adorable! I want my next doll to be a tiny :)
    8. I'm interested in getting a Tiny Delf 20 body for hybriding. Can you tell me something about this body's posing? I have never handled a Luts doll before (my tinies are mostly Fairyland LittleFees). I'd like it to be able to stand and sit on its own easily. To be able to touch its face would be great. Thank you!
    9. I only have Tiny Delfs, Honey Delfs and a Kid Delf. But they can all touch their faces. I also have a Littlefee. I would say the two companies are very different when handling. They can all pose, but Fairyland has that clicking mechanism that works well to prevent “snapping”. But overall, I don’t have a lot of problems with my LUTS dolls.

      Hopefully someone with more experience with the Tiny Delf 20 can help.
    10. Thank you! That already helps a lot.
    11. Hi everyone :lol:

      Tomorrow I will order a luts tiny delf Alice. I don’t have any dolls right now but she is my favorite after so much research!

      I’m having some issues deciding between elf or human, does anyone think the elf ears get in the way of hats or wigs or anything? It is hard to tell how low they are without seeing them in person.
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    12. I have a Gretel elf and Peter elf and don’t feel it’s a problem. I don’t ever remember thinking it was. The wigs are not in danger of falling off and I can arrange the wigs to cover gaps. But everyone’s experience can differ a lot based on what they like and what style of wigs and hats they choose. I think the ears are adorable and are the primary reason why I chose LUTS tinies so I am willing to work to find the wig that looks good with ears. I wish I could be more helpful.
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    13. This is Penny Tiny Delf Tyltyl Scupt. She is beautiful!
    14. @D795 I have a Tiny20 body with a Little Monica head. There's a box opening photo of him at the top of page 22. He stands pretty easily, and can sit flat on a table. He can touch his face, since his arms have an extra piece inside his elbows like Fairyland dolls do, but his knees don't. He poses well enough that he's fun to handle.
    15. Your photo looks great, thank you for this detailed information, it's exactly what I wanted to know!
    16. does anyone own a Hanael or has seen one on Flickr or somewhere?
    17. I guess no Hanael around. Maybe I will have to buy her myself to see her :XD:

      Here is my cute Alice. I have so much to do for her before I’m completely happy with her look but she’s so cute for now.
      I am Stella’s.toybox on instagram. :D
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    18. Summer is too long... Fell and I are impatiently awaiting Fall and cooler weather

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