Luts Tiny Delf Discussion Part 7

Feb 3, 2017

    1. Any Tiny Delf Mermaids here? I can not find many online, and Inuk is lonely <3
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    2. @Sakura_LH So pretty! That tail is beautiful. I would love to see more mermaids.
    3. Oh he's very sweet! I love the top and shorts, did you make them?

      Very pretty, like the way she's ombreyed all the way from the top of her head to the tail. :)

      I'd love to see more mermaids too!
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    4. Why is this thread on page 3? These cuties deserve more love. I've been waffling back on forth on deciding which one of my tinies will be my pocket doll. My 'Alice' is one of the contenders for sure.

      I really love the mermaids but haven't ordered one myself as I have no character to fit the part.
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    5. Xanadu Dolls: No, Jacq's outfit is from Iplehouse!
    6. [​IMG]

      Did someone say mermaid..? Inuk is gorgeous btw @Sakura_LH ^^
      My little Mer-Dorothy-Maidling still has no name :< I think I need to have a photoshoot of her and her mistress ... She's kinda like a pet for a demon child.
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    7. I was wondering if anyone that has both PukiFee and tiny delfs could tell me how the tiny delfs pose comparatively to the Pukifee's? I recently got my first PukiFee and LOVE her. Part of it is how well she poses. I love some of the little tiny Delf faces, and am guessing they can share some clothes/wigs with the PukiFee's, but is their posing ability close? Thanks in advance.
    8. There are some photos in the reference section. This is what I found:

      I haven’t had any issues with my girls. They sit and stand easily and hold their poses. I do like the look of the pukifee arms better. LUTS has change the tiny delf body from mine a little bit. They have pictures here:

      Tiny Delf New Body

      It doesn’t look like that’s going to impact posing.

      I really love my Tiny Delfs! I bet you’d love yours too.
    9. Thank you so much @brightberry !! That is very helpful. I may have to take the plunge and try one.
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    10. Is anyone else here thinking about getting a tiny delf in one of their limited fantasy colours?

      I'm a bit torn between the grey,bubble mint and the mint grey.

      Which brings me to my question for people with the bubble mint centaur parts, is it more mint/green or blue in person? The Zuzu they have on the bottom of this page in bubble mint looks more blue to me than anything else.
    11. I wish I could get them all! All the fantasy colors look gorgeous :D
    12. The blue centaur they did in the past was definitely a blue - kind of like a turquoise blue. I don't see any green shades. But I have one, so I can take a picture of her this week so you can see.
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    13. @elf-ears thank you very much for that! I
      Awesome, thank you for the information and the offer of taking a photo! That would be awesome!
    14. @baxterbrat

      here's my blue tiny-delf centaur. She's several years old, and the blue has mellowed out into a paler blue. I did note last night when I got her out of my doll cabinet in dim light she did look a little blue greenish. The tail and hooves are a sparkly pale greenish blue (some lights look more green others more blue)

      Taken indoor lights on a blue folder against a whiteish wall. Incandescent light.

      [​IMG]centaur-blue by Annette Pschirrer, on Flickr

      This looks like a paler blue than the blue Luts is currently showing in the pictures.
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    15. @elf-ears She's lovely, thank you! This and your previous info was quite helpful!

      I do love the mint blue but it's just a tad too blue and I don't know what I'd do with a full (human) doll that colour. Looks like I'm 90% settled on the regular grey skin!
    16. I’m so torn about the fantasy colors. They are so pretty but I don’t know if I want a little human in them. Lol
      If they had an orange centaur body on the other hand I’d be all over it! Maybe they will another event... ;)
    17. They're all so adorably cute! I love seeing everyone's pictures.

      Still working on my little Tyltyl elf, making him look like my husband's FFXIV Lalafell character or at least trying to! Just need to find someone to make a pair of leopardskin underpants, a fat chocobo head and a pair of Moogle slippers (don't!

      [​IMG]Luts Tiny Delf &#x27;Tyltyl&#x27; by Ali MacTavish-Riach, on Flickr
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    18. [​IMG]
      My little unicorn says hi to everyone~

      On that note, I noted she was a bit hard to stand without support.
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    19. Awwwww she is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing her
    20. [​IMG]
      afraid that santa might have them on the naughty list (and for good reason) noah and emrys came up with a cunning plan
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