Luts Tiny Delf Discussion Part 7

Feb 3, 2017

    1. These are my girls. Mytyl and Hansel.
      I hope we will be able order a Jack with elf ears soon!!

      [​IMG]Mytyl and Hansel elfs by TinyFura Dollymummy, on Flickr

      Somehow my photo from Flickt doesnt show up. Can somebody help me?
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    2. @Fura For some reason I can't see your image, so sad...

      I've been volunteerilng to go through archived threads regarding the Tiny Delfs to complete the wiki and I'm falling more and more in love with these charming buggers as I read on. I'd love to own one myself someday.

      I hope to see many more owner pictures posted here. It seems their fanbase is rather limited although they are absolutely gorgeous and very versatile.
    3. Does anybody know how long Luts waiting times are? I've been collecting Lati Yellows for years, but I've had enough of their waiting times (currently a year or so). I've been looking at picture of the Tiny Delfs and found out that they are about the same size as the Lati Yellows, and there are lots of cute faces I would like to get (Hansel, Alice, Peter, Heidi...).
    4. @spih

      If I base myself on the current waiting list and waiting room thread I'd say LUTS' current waiting times are between 2 to 4 months depending on what you order. Some people however get lucky and receive their ball-jointed dolls much earlier than expected. You won't have to wait a year for your lovely Tiny Delf however.

      Tiny Delf fit into most Lati Yellow and Pukifee clothing and it is possible to hybrid Tiny Delf bodies (sold seperately) with Lati Yellow heads as far as I've heard. Off course this mainly goes for the white and normal skin because the brown and up are not a good resin match with LatiDoll's resin.

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask, I'd love to see more Tiny Delfs around.
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    5. I have studied the pictures of Tiny Delfs and seen that someone has swapped the heads of a Lati and a Tiny Delf. I have several floating Lati heads (without face ups from various events) so that I could try the hybrids. The resin colors will probably not be an exact match as all the Lati heads are different shades - they would not match the color of Lati bodies either! And it is impossible to get a tan Lati body, so a tan Tiny Delf body would be a better match than a normal Lati body anyway. I think I'll have to order one Tiny Delf as an experiment. The hard part is to decide which one...
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    6. my lark is a leah on a tiny delf body
      [​IMG]lark by onebluestocking, on Flickr but from about 4 years ago. back when lati wait times were reasonable and before they changed their resin colors again. i would have loved to do another hybrid like that, but i gave up on lati when their wait times were 9 months+

      i have a non hybrid lati as well, but the tiny delf bodies pose much better imo
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    7. Sooo cute, I love him/her! :aheartbea
    8. I asked on the Luts waiting page back when I ordered but... no one answered lol.

      I just got a shipping notice and my Dorothy is on her way! I am so excited and nervous. I have MDF sized dolls, but this is my first tiny. Any tips from the doll family?
    9. @Cecibelle Give her lots of love and don't feed after midnight. :D Honestly, I just take out of the box and play. Mine never needed anything special.
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    10. @brightberry is correct, just take her out and have fun! I just got my Tyltyl elf last week and from the moment you take that little doll out of the box you can feel how well built and solid they are!
      Looking forward to doing the faceup on my little guy! After much discussing my hubby and I decided we'd base him on his FFXIV Lalafell char instead of mine. Main reason is that most of my dolls are girls so it'll be nice to have a boy about!
    11. Omg! She's here and she's beautiful! The clothes are so so small!!! I don't usually buy clothes, but I figured I would guess wrong on her size... (I did). I can't get over her hands! I love the MDF hands and I absolutely love the tdf hands! So worth the wait!
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    12. She's so cute @Cecibelle ! Hehe her wig is almost as big as she is.
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    13. Thank you! <3 and it is :3
    14. Awwww.... what a cutie! I'm still waiting for my Tiny Delf Hansel. I hope he'll arrive soon. I ordered him on the 6th of April, so I hope I'll get him in June - as early in June as possible.
    15. I hope you get him soon! They were on day 50 for me when we got the shipping notice. Not a bad wait but... :D it just feels like forever!!
    16. She is absolutely precious! I'm so happy for you and excited!! Will I get to play with her? I would love to check her out!
    17. Not a problem. I'll let you look her over the next time I see you since she's perfect travel size. I have a purse she fits in and everything!
    18. You're kidding!! That's adorable!! I'm so excited to meet her!:love
    19. Congratulations on receiving your little Dorothy ^__^ she is absolutely adorable. I'd love to see more of her. I already own two Pukifee and they are indeed the perfect travel size.
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