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Luts to release kid delf parts!

Jul 27, 2008

    1. Soooo....doesn't look like its been posted, but just saw this news bit on Luts.

    2. Does anyone know how much they will cost?
    3. A said before:

      More detailed information including pictures and price will be notified in August, so please wait for our notice.
    4. This might come in handy but it's probably too small a news to have its own thread, so I'll tag it here. Luts is announcing its new FAQ board, apparently:

      In addition, Luts is going on vacation from 8/2-8/7 and will not be available to ship or answer questions at that time. That's all!
    5. Also, after looking at that F&A board (...anyone know just what the heck "F&A" means? i can't figure out the f XD;; ) i saw this, for anyone wondering about the release of kid delf hands, in the post on "senior and kid delf parts"--

    6. Oh Luts of Corea, how yuor engish amuse to me!

      Does anybody know when they will be releasing Kid Delf hands? I hate when they say "in the future" cause that can be any span of time.