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Luts to sell Dollshe SA & White Hound and Ru!!!

Sep 19, 2005

    1. http://www.eluts.com/

      I was just browsing when I found it, obviously no pictures yet. Click the 'dollshe' link on the left hand side. :D
    2. Awesome!! Though I'd love to order from Anu, I know she often gets overwhelmed and it can take a while before things are shipped ^^;; So this is really great news!

    3. Is it possible to buy white skinned hound directly from Tensiya? I see him on their website. Isn't he ready to ship yet?
    4. thats great , I asked Sean when I first saw Ru if he would sell them and he didnt know
      so Im glad to see they are
      I love dealing with Luts
    5. You can order him from Tensiya and get him in about a month. :grin:

      verilens - Completely agree. I will be buying from them in the future.
    6. Is there any advantage in waiting and buying Hound from Lutz?
    7. Well, I'm not sure about all the benifites, but I can say this, Luts is a dream to work with. They are fast, and accurate, and always responsely quickly to my questions. I can't praise Luts enough for thier service. Between my roommates and my self we've ordered from them over half a dozen times and it has been good every time. That is an advantage to me. :grin:
    8. I really hope they have the skincolor choices for SA Hound once it's all settled...