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Luts - Untold Story - versions of SSDF Regen

Jul 15, 2010

    1. Nooo, why are they releasing another awesome limited when I have absolutely no money?! D:
    2. Wow... Those armour parts are insane! The switch-blade style arm sword thingie is a cool idea, and those boots are crazy! I see that the also give youthe human parts for the legs and arms but it looks like the neck armour is part of the upper torso?
    3. Just took another look myself and I think the neck armour is just a seperate piece that covers the neck area, you can still see the normal neck in some shots of the pics from different angles :)
    4. Oh i want him soooo bad >>;; I will begin an emergency fund gathering!
    5. Yeah, I wondered about that. It looked like you could see the back of the neck i none of the shots, but in others the armour goes all the way to the top where the S-hook is... If it's an extra layer of resin at the top, would that make his neck look too long?

      Also... It's so funny that beneath that scarey fanged mask is a sweet and sexy face!
    6. Well I think I'm screwed. I originally didn't like Regen cause of the eyes, THAT'S FIXED NOW! oTL So I'm going to see if I can manage this sexy, sexy man <3
    7. Oh man, I want him ALL! Parts painting, outfit, scar head and OE head with faceup, human parts... how much is this going to cost me? T_T His armour and everything, even his face, is PERFECT for one of my most important characters. ARGHLBLARGHL! Luts, I am broke! How dare ye. :P
    8. I just saw the full photo's they've put up...waaaant O_O
    9. Fab, just fab. The Untold Story series just gets better as it goes on. X3 Wow, with that foot-armor though... he definitely isn't going to make it into a football team anytime soon, is he?
    10. hes too awesome!!!!!!!! i want hiiiim. but i dont think i could afford him )':
      i can never buy the awesome limited!!! x(
    11. schizo: the scar face is sold separatly :3
    12. *grabby hands* :sweat

      He's too perfect for my Death Knight! *stupidly excited* My poor dolls are all apanic as I figure out who I can part with so I can get him, lol. Sorry gang, but Regen falls under the "MUST HAVE" category. He will be taller than Kithela, his WoW warlock wife (Iplehouse Jessica), and that is awesome. Mind you, he's going to dwarf his Nightmare horse now, but I SO DON'T CARE HE'LL JUST BE HIS WAR PONY *breaks into a culling spree*

    13. well if you look on the site, there is ''regen ver. scrarred face'' ''regen ver. open eyed''
      then you have ''scarred face head'' & ''open eyes head''
      so i'm pretty sure the head is going to be sold separatly :)

      edit: oh... 0:
    14. You can only buy the heads WITH an order of the LE Regen, and you CANNOT order the same head. I don't think Luts will permit an order of two of the same option head.
    15. I wonder how much he will cost though... probably more than abadon :/
    16. I'm assuming he'll cost more than Abadon, but I can understand why. Those weapon pieces are simply amazing. <3 (And he would be totally worth it either way? XD)
    17. not just for that. SSDF are already a bit more expensive than SDF
    18. If you mean the limited Untold Story Abadon, he was SSDF too. :)
    19. really?
      good then. there is a chance price will be similar. i'm still expecting regen to cost more but hopefully not more than 800$