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Luts Wig/Shoes October Event!

Sep 30, 2005

    1. :o that's really nice indeed.. now if only i had the money.. sigh. :(
    2. Curses! I just spent $90 there two weeks ago! Ah well.
    3. Sooo if I wanted to buy a certain doll which obviously costs more than 300 dollars I'd get a random wig and pair of shoes with her? :D
    4. Yes, if you purchase between oct 1st thu the 15th Korean time
    5. Eeep!! I guess I'd best raise the knotch on the parent-convincing meter. *_*

    6. Curses, foiled again! There's no way I will be ready for Doll #2 by Oct 15!

      But what a great deal! I'd jump all over that. (Now what I *really* want is to get TWO wigs and TWO boots for spending $620 ^_^).
    7. And I spent over $600 around then too....

      Bah! Still, I'd rather have my girl here now than have to wait.

    8. Same here. XD
    9. ooh that's great! I'll be ordering my boy pretty soon so this is really good news :D
    10. EEEEK! I just told my husband about this ... I'm about $70 short of being able to order my mini ... & he said he would try to pitch in. *hyperventilates* Now I have to figure out which elf-kid I want.........
    11. yay perfect time to order bomi or ttory!!! bad time for EL but I love him still!!!*goes to luts site*
    12. Anyone know if this counts if you do a layaway order?
    13. No, it doesn't. I think Sean said you have to pay the whole order by October 15th on the bottom of the page. :0
    14. Haha I ordered around then as well... but chances of what I ordered being in during this time aren't great so I won't complain:) Besides this means she will be here sooner. (I ordered her painted so it is taking a little longer)
    15. Bah! *resists the urge to curse colourfully* I just put in my order there less than half an hour ago.. :evil: :cry: And sent the money too..I suppose it's too late to cancel and put it in again tomorrow? D:
    16. Oh that sucks! I bet that if you email they will let you have the deal.

    17. Hmph.I'll see about that. I prolly wouldn't get a wig I wanted anyways.. *grumble*

      (j/k) :lol:

      Meh, I'm thinking I'd just skip it anyways. Means there's some other person out there who'll get to enjoy it in my place.. that and I'm laaazy.. XD
    18. Ahwww. :o . go figure.. and I just dropped over 800 with them.. such is life...
    19. $400 here. :/

      Maybe we can mooch together if we look cute and smile till we scare them to comply.. :lol: