Event LUTS Winter X 18th Anniv. event (Doll 18% discount, head sale)

Nov 23, 2018

    1. We make announcement about 2018 LUTS Winter Event.

      With our gratitude for your long love for 18 years,
      we hold Winter Event as a part of LUTS 18th Anniversary event.

      Period : 27th Nov 2018 (Tues) 12:00 ~ 18th Jan 2019 (Fri) 17:00, KST (+9)

      EVENT 1. 18% discount for dolls

      Price of doll (consists of head + body) is discounted by 18%

      - This is not applied on option (Face-up, Skin color with charge) and option parts.
      - For new items (released within 3 months) & doll included in Full Set are offered as 5% discounted price.
      - This event is not applied on dealer order.

      EVENT 2. Sale of head parts

      Special chance to purcahse head parts separately!

      - New items (released within 3 months) & limited doll head are not offered.
      - DIEZ head is exceptionally listed.
      - From this head parts sale, Certificate of Authenticity is enclosed.

      Furthermore, there will be additional notice about new released dolls including Winter season limited line-up.
      Please keep check our website!

      If you have any inquiry about notice & new product, please feel free to contact our Q&A board. Thank you very much.


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    2. I see that the discount price for Event 1 isn't available through dealers but can we still order heads for Event 2 from dealers?

      I have several heads I would like to be able to buy, but would need a long layaway like a dealer can offer.
    3. I was looking forward to Event 2 but noticed that they will only be selling in Normal and White skin.

      By any chance, will the Event 2 expand to sell Real Skin Brown in the future?
    4. Are the heads listed yet? Where are they listed?
      I can find only a few, and they all seem sold out. Are they limited and already sold out?
    5. Will Zuzu delf heads be released during this event or is it just the sizes on the front page, only I’d love to get a Bichon but the fullsets are out of my price range and she’s not a basic sculpt.
    6. Why is SD65 Cian not on the list? I got so excited and then.....deflate.
    7. I'm looking forward to this exciting event! I'm wondering, do the Lio and Corni heads come with the ears and tail?
    8. @solebria
      My partner asked on the Luts Q&A boards and Luts said to make production of event dolls and heads go fast (so they dont get backlogged) they will not be offering Brown Tan skin on the heads.
    9. Yeah, I expected as much but still sadden to hear it so. :( Oh well, I was hoping to pick up some of their heads in brown skin during the event but guess it will have to be in another time. Thank you for letting me know!