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Luts X-mas Event 2006 Juri Head discussion

Dec 4, 2006

    1. Not sure if a discussion thread has already been started about this new head, but here we go!

      Luts Christmas Event 2006 Juri Head


      Personally, I think she leaves a bit to be desired. Her eyes are way too close together and seem a bit...crooked. Her profile is gorgeous, but when you look at her 3/4 or full-on face, she looks off.

      Am I the only one who's noticed this?
    2. I like her. I can't place a Luts order right now, but I will be looking for one of these heads in the Marketplace for sure!
    3. Reminds me a lot of Volks oldskin F-14 and F-15 in her profile, would have to see more from the front, though.
    4. I will like to see how people mod this one. I also would like to see her lips painted differently. She looks like a Na-nu-ri love child. A very mischevious fairy. The hair is perfect for her.
    5. She kinda looks like Juri crossed with Nanuri. I'm not too crazy about her (no offense to anyone who likes her). Phew, what a relief. . .for me and my wallet. . . :sweat
    6. I agree. A friend of mine pointed out that the older Juri head looked somewhat better. Yep, I think so too. *_*
    7. She reminds me of Reba McIntire :lol: it would be funny to see someone make a Reba doll :whee:
    8. She's like the product of a thinner-faced Juri and a Na-Nu-Ri. xDD

      She's beautiful, though! *___*
    9. I thought they just stuck elf ears on a NaNuRi, myself. Good thing girls aren't for me.
    10. I have a hard time picking out girls I really like becuase they tend to be so generic and expressionless, but I love that mischevious look of her face mold! Id never have her painted that way though....She's so wonderfully expressive! I am absolutely not loving that faceup at all.....I really want to get ahold of one and find out what kind of potential she has.
    11. I love her!I think she has a bit of a Lishe-like feel to her in a weird way(I think its the expression on her face) but she looks like a sister to Nanuri as well. She's a mischievious looking girl but that faceup is awful on her.She needs more naturally painted lips.You know what?She kind of looks like a Serendipity girl doesnt she?Sharmin I think..........but with a fuller face.
    12. A little confusing that she's also called Juri, but looks different than the old Juri. I guess she's Juri 2006 or Juri 2?

      But really, for a free gift, it's still very nice. And she may look amazing with different faceups and mods and such. It'll be interesting to see what people do!
    13. Yea they should have called her something other than Juri. She's far to different to carry the same name....
    14. I thought they called her "Jury" on the site? I thought that was how they were clearing confusion.
    15. Wow, I didn't realize she was a Juri until I actually read it. I thought she was a feminine NaNuRi.
    16. She does have potential. Well I am going to be getting her so, I'll have to see. Plus I think I'll be modding her and making her a boy. I was hoping for a boy but she could be a boy. I really thought she was a Na-Nu-Ri
    17. maybe they will call all the Christmas girls "Juri" no matter how different they are each time?
    18. I think that is the case.

      I posted some comparison between her and Nanuri in the other thread and don't find them to be all that similar.
    19. I actually like her...nanuri was too strange looking for my tastes, and juri looked nice sometimes, but was still not my style. I like the weird quality of this head. I can't wait to see what people do with it :3 (and hopefully I'll get my own X3)