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Lut's Xmas Event head 2006

Nov 22, 2006

    1. Any news on dates or what Luts' XMas event is gonna be?
    2. she's up! she's called Juri, but she's different
    3. Ooo! She is so pretty!
      Is the body and stuff included or is it just the head?
      Does it come with make-up or no?
    4. Nothing is included, just blank head. You can get make-up, but need to pay $55
      extra. And the total of your order must be high enough (no info on total required yet).
    5. Christmas Event:

      Time Period:
      2006-12-5 00:00 ~ 2006-12-31 24:00

      I think you have to spend USD330 (300000 Won) in a single order and pay by 31st Dec 24:00.
    6. here we go everybody!

      Greeting everyone!

      Thanks for loving LUTS~
      Here comes X-MAS Event for you.
      We prepared 2 events.

      1. Santa Claus hat.

      If you buy some items during 5, DEC. 2006 00:00 ~ 31, DEC. 2006 24:00. (In KOREA Time) and each of order for total amount is over $170, and payment completed, we would give 1 Event hat. ^^ (random size)

      2. Juri 2006 limited head.


      If you buy some items during 5, DEC. 2006 00:00 ~ 31, DEC. 2006 24:00. (In KOREA Time) each of order for total amount is over $330, and payment completed, we would give 1 Event Limited Head(Gift item).
      Jury2006 is limited head only. Make up, eyes & hand parts are not included.
      After this event finished, it would be not make & sell any more. ^^

      More details on here :

      Thank you very much. Happy Holiday for Everyone! ^^
    7. Does anyone know if you spend over $330 you get both the head and the hat or just the head? Just wondering ^^;;
    8. Is that kid delf a boy Cherry? In the christmas hat pic?

      (sorry to ask here)
    9. Hi, Mods, None of you are online now so I can't PM any of you.

      I'd just like to know why my, and another member's, opinion on the head was deleted without warning? Is it because we claimed dislike for the mold? That's pretty unfair, that you won't let us show our opinions on it. Thanks for your consideration.
    10. It's because it is considered discussion, and that is not allowed in the News forum. Rather, you should discuss your thoughts on the head in the discussion thread for it. ^_^
    11. Thanks, KeiCai_Ayan. Yes, those posts were deleted because, according to the rules of the News subforum, any posts that aren't directly news related will be removed.

      To discuss your opinion of the new Luts Event head, please head over to the discussion thread, located here:


      Thank you.
    12. Okay~ Thank you, I really wasn't upset just puzzled as to why they got deleted. I totally forgot though. -smacks forehead- Silly me. Thanks
    13. Looks like both, to me.

      It's most likely a girl; it's wearing a pleated skirt and spandex half-pants (looks that way to me, anyhoo). >.> ^^;

    14. It's definately Cherry, and it may be a boy as it's wearing bloomers it seems instead of a skirt. ^^'
    15. what does CBP mean? it says that the event is good for buying LUTS & CBP Product.

      Also, does that mean that it will not count if I buy a doll from another company, like Dollshe?

      And just to clarify, the clothes, wigs, eye, and tools are considered luts products?
    16. CBP most likely stands for Cerberus Project, meaning you need to but LUTS clothing/wigs/accessories, and the Delf/Kid Delf/Cutie Delf dolls in order for the purchase to qualify.

      I'm not too sure about hte tools, but I would expect they would count :3
    17. Yes, definitely looks like Cherry as a boy, since it's wearing the Scottish Lad outfit instead of the matching Scottish Maiden one!
    18. Luts FINALLY has their christmas event up. Nobody is going to get their orders in time for christmas. xx Luts has been flaking so much recently!!

      But here she is! The re-release of Juri -- Juri 2006! She's alot different this year. Unfortunatley this year you CANNOT pick skin color. ): And no custom faceups. I think she looks alot like Sharmin. oo



      Tada! And christmas hats, too. Random size, no choosing.


      So.. tada. Yay for late christmas events. :/