Lutsenko dolls

Jun 23, 2017

    1. I was upset to learn that dolls of the two very talented dollmakers Sergey and Anastasia Lutsenko haven't been introduced to DOA community yet. They specialize in making porcelain dolls mainly, but make resin ones available from time to time. The dolls are super realistic and beautiful :)
      To start, here's one of them - Sofie


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    2. I follow them on Instagram and always admire their passionate work. Incredibly beautiful dolls for people who like hyper realistic-looking dolls.
    3. These dolls are certainly beautiful! And a nice size, too!

      I sent an email to the creators asking about their prices, but I never received a reply back. Oh well! It is fun to keep up with their new sculpts on Instagram and Flickr.

      By searching, I found one or two owners on Flickr, some with many photos, so you might look there if you want to see more.
    4. how does one contact them to buy a doll? are they represented by an agent?
    5. This is quite an old post now but was wondering if anyone knows which clothes would fit the Lutsenko dolls
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