New Doll M.theorybjd new doll Moon

Jun 2, 2020

    1. Introducing M.theorybjd newest doll, Moon.
      Moon stands at 38.5cm, wears 6.5-7" wigs and 14-16mm eyes.
      She is being cast by Fdoll and is available in three colors:
      #14- tan- $370
      #22- candy pink- $350
      #24- lavender - $350
      All colors are available only during this preorder period. Starting June 2nd thru June 30th.
      Faceups are available for $50 and handmade resin eyes are also available for an additional $10.
      To place an order please contact us:
      M Theory BJD
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      We will need the following information-
      Your name, address and email:

      Pictures in candy pink. (#22)
      Default faceup option.
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