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Machina Gamma and Epsilon 42cm Robot boys- white skin photos added

Dec 9, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      *edited to add pictures of the white skin doll*

      Hello everyone!

      I am pleased to announce that Machina Gamma and Epsilon are finally ready for pre-order!
      At this time you can order either doll in grey or white resin.

      Please see their pages or this post here to view comparisons of the white and grey skin.

      Gamma Order Page

      Epsilon Order Page

    2. Wow, they look so smooth! Is it a different kind of resin from the Alpha?
    3. Nadja, the dolls are cast in Environmental resin, product page here. Alpha would have been cast in 'regular' opaque polyurethane resin :)


      This thread will be temporarily locked while the moderators discuss these dolls for topicality. Thank you for your patience.
    4. Both Gamma and Epsilon are on-topic.
    5. I've uploaded photos of the white skin doll! Thanks again to everyone who's pre-ordered!

      You can see photos of Epsilon in white here.

      Here is also an example of the a full paint job.