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Machina the Robot Girl

Sep 17, 2007

    1. [​IMG]


      http://www.g36.net/machina for more information including gallery shots!

      This is a handmade doll made by me. She is, so far, unlimited, but I don't know for certain how long I will be making her. I know I will be producing her for at least six months.

      If you'd like to be on the waitlist for her, please feel free to PM. I prefer that you give me an email address where I can reach you at, but if you'd rather I just pm you please let me know. :3

      the finished doll is available in light pink(NOT the pink shown), light blue, or white at this time.

      http://flickr.com/photos/batchix/set...41630106/show/ more pictures if you just want pictures!

      http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2361488 the thread of her creation!
    2. Those are amazing ^^
      I really want one, :3 I'm so glad your going to make them for at least 6 months! it will take me that long to save :P

      What are the chances of making them after that?
    3. They are absolutly amazing! :D I'd purchase one if I only had the money :O
      What material are they made of? How'd you colour their skin? Something like with tanned dolls? Gosh, I've got so many questions xD
      I feel like making a doll like that myself, though more like a Mecha :P
      Aaargh, I want one xD
    4. Any idea how much she will be?
    5. um, really really dumb question, but is she cast in resin, or something else?. also, will she be available for purchase without a faceup or blushing, and how will that effect the cost?
      she's so amazing!!!!!!! :aheartbea
    6. Question: I didn't want to jump on the list because I wouldn't be able to order until tax return (Feb/March). But since the amount per month is so limited- would you have to be on the waitlist to get a chance to order later? Or could we sign up later and still be able to order?
    7. Also do you have any pictures of the blue or the lighter pink color?
    8. I have a question, will you be selling the head and body separately at any point?
    9. http://www.g36.net/machina

      This site, which Batchix posted under the pictures, answers some of the questions just asked. I haven't seen any pictures of the light blue or light pink yet. The site goes over a bit of the process of making and painting them, and of course the prices. <3
    10. Answering question mode on~ :3

      PepperLooney: There's a pretty good chance I'll continue, it just depends on how well the originals hold up to being molded multiple times! XD

      Xandorram: They are alumilite brand resin and are colored all the way through with dye. They do NOT have a uv stabilizer in them at this time, so I don't suggest taking them outside for long periods of time. You can sand them, but the sanded parts may appear lighter. You can over come this by spraying the area with a sealer after sanding. :3 I thought about making a more mecha like one because I love transformers so much, but that's for the future. XD

      CathyM: She is $400 for a strung doll, face-up, eyes and no sanding. You can find out more about pricing by going to the website under "order". :3

      takeowizard: She is made from alumilite resin that has been dyed(unless it's white!). I do the face-up for free, but the blushing and line detail work is extra. Please see the "Order" section on the website for more info. :D

      dechanique: You can sign up any time you want to, but people who are on the list before you will have a chance to order first. It's probably a good idea to get on the list now just to be sure. You can always let me know that you want to pass when your turn comes. You'll stay on the list but i'll skip you till you're ready to order. :3

      Globalsea: Not yet, i need to go get some more resin. I'll be doing that as soon as I'm done sending emails this afternoon. Hopefully by this weekend I'll have some example sets.

      Weslie: If enough people ask for it, I will sell them separately, but you still have to get on the list to order that. :3 Please keep in mind that they won't be for sale in a flesh tone, just the colors the standard pink, blue and white.

      Tempest_Strife: Thanks! Most of the questions are answered on the site, but just for sake of ease I'll answer them here as well! X3
    11. Wow, that is so cool, she reminds me of Tron or RC from Transformers.

      How tall is she?
    12. Would the price be reduced if we decide to order her without a faceup? If so, how much? X3
    13. kayke, i asked the same question and he said "I do the face-up for free, but the blushing and line detail work is extra. Please see the "Order" section on the website for more info." I hope that helps :)