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***MadamWig*** SD/MSD (Girl/Boy) wig company!

Mar 25, 2010

    1. [​IMG]


      Hello! DOA!!:D
      I like to introduce one of famous korean wig maker "Madam Wig"!:aheartbea

      Shaggy Cut $28

      This shaggy cut is neat and tidy, and the layers of the hair are so evident.
      The shape of the forelock is very natural and so lovely.

      Color of wig in the pics are Black


      Huckleberry $28

      Huckleberry is short cut style with unartificial waves.
      As a whole the design of this wig feels like so lovely with rich waves.
      Because of the waves, this wig is very handy for using.

      Color of wig in the pics are Brown


      Baby Roll $31

      Baby Roll is totally cute with opulent hair curls.
      The hair curling is done at the end of the hair.
      You don't have to arrange the curls, so it's very convenient to use.

      Color of wig in the pics are Pink


      Lumien $31

      Lumien is softy long Sauvage with gentle curls.
      Total length of this wig is about 50 centimeters long.
      It seems like hair of a goddess or elf.
      It has very light curls, so you can take on this one easily for your lady.

      Color of wig in the pics are Ivory


      Adela $51

      Adela is elegant and feminine wig, and it's total length is about 50 centimeters long.
      Each curl has curled earnestly by hand. The curly hair of the wig hangs down naturally.
      You can make a tender impression on your doll.

      * All ribbons are not included.


      ***COLOR CHART

      (Ivory/ Brown/ Black/ Pink-Only for BabyRoll & Lumien)

      SD-Large 9-10inch → 25~22cm
      SD-Medium 8-9inch → 22~20cm -Elastic Cap
      MSD 7-8inch → 20~17cm -Elastic Cap

      ***Her WEB SITE!

      Since she doesn't have English version of shopping mall yet, I will organized Group order in few weeks!
      Madam wig only want 3-4 style for group order, so please let me know which one is your favorite!
      Also if you have any question, please PM me.​
    2. Will different colors be available in the future? I like the first curled wig, but I need it in a silvery color. (or something alike)
    3. Will the other styles be availible in the go? I really liked the Romeo SD one.
    4. Will the wigs be available in the nice pink shade pictured some time in the future?

      Do you know if the black shade is absolutely black, or a natural (slightly warmer) black?
    5. AmarisLuna- Hi^^ She has no silver color yet, but maybe in the future it will be. :)
      cicidia- Yes, the other style will be go but not this time! :sweat
      Quiet Queen- Hi~ Yes you can order pink shade for only girl's wig at this time!
      And MadamWig said black shade is silky absolutely black^^ It looks very rich and pretty!:lol:
      Mello- Thanks^^ I will let you know again!:D
    6. Please PM badwitch if you have purchasing questions.
    7. Madam Wig Group order is now posted!!!

      Here is link!

      Group order