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madminpin5 -- Negative feedback for eBay seller

Aug 20, 2009

    1. eBay seller madminpin5 has several Notdoll Labs BJDs for sale in her ebay store for incredibly off-the-wall Buy It Now prices, with the "Or Best Offer" option.

      1. The dolls are listed improperly. One Basic White Pipos Baha, for instance, was listed as a "Siamese -- LE 30" when it obviously did not have the Siamese face-up

      2. Several Barbie/Kelly outfits were offered with the doll, which she claimed as "outfits made specifically for Pipos, worth $50 each"

      After making several offers for the Baha, I concluded we could not make a deal, and in the message I told her the reasons why I felt it was worth what I offered. Here is the exact message I sent:

      Not the kindest or most forgiving message in the world, but I certainly wouldn't call myself the things that madminpin5 proceeded to call me in her response:

      So, try not to do business with her. She knows nothing about BJDs or doll collecting, and is just generally a person who will make you sorry you ever tried to negotiate with her in the first place.