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Magic Land Molly

Jun 1, 2007

    1. I think I just wont look

      So far this is my favorite ...my finger twitches
      ...I cuddle my Unoa ....tell me I cant ....be firm with me !!
    2. so far of the vintage Ai I like Molly best and I actually like the vintage Ais

      *Holds on to Tinybear's twitching finger*
    3. Yeah, I saw her too. I now have 3 CH dolls on order. I cant order another until I at least get one of them in! They need to slow down so we can catch up to them!
      Tiny or not, if I keep this up, I'll need to get to a bigger place!
    4. She is gorgeous and adorable. Please don't throw stuff at me Tinybear, but the Little Jr. heads are the same size as Petite Ai, so you could concievably put her head on a Petite body. just saying.
    5. Dont tempt me :)
      I wish I could see owner pictures of just one of these , were on the 3rd now
      and we havent even seen a "real" one yet
      I do like this one more than the others ...
    6. The Odrees, the first Vintage Ai issue, have started to ship this week. Mine should have arrived yesterday at Schiphol airport, only half an hour away from me... There should be owner pictures any day now!

      I also think they make too many versions, too fast after another. It's a thing of Custom House I have always disliked; their limitedness (in both purchase time and number of dolls).
      But, I skipped on Charlotte and regret it already. Nevertheless, I'm glad Molly doesn't steal my heart so far, but she is cute and very pretty indeed. Looking forward to more pictures from people who do get her!
    7. Soula ...I cant wait to see pictures of her

      I have to admit Molly is starting to make me obsess ..out of the 3 she is my favorite
      and I can see her in one of my Very Strawberry wigs ..thats fatal

      Im eyeing up my collection to see who can go ....
      I am at a point now I have to sell one ...to keep one

      Im very tempted to sell my BambiCrony hybid
      or my Lati Green
      but I do have several Blythe I could sell too ..

      still I have a month to make up my mind
    8. Few. Luckily she's not my type. I'd be doomed otherwise @_@
    9. Same here. I am awaiting my Charlotte eagerly and was worried I might feel inclined to purchase the next Vintage Ai, she is very cute but just not for me.

      Saying that I will not be looking at her too much as I know I could easily persuade myself that I need her.

      Looking forward to seeing the pictures of Odree too (I sadly missed that order).
    10. I didn't like the other two at all but I kind of liked this one. Then I saw the ver.2 pics and instantly thought :o Princess Knight! I've been tring not to think about her all weekend.
    11. The second version is growing on me j3j
      I. MUST. BE. STRONG.

    12. Eh, Tinybear I wish I could help you, but she's really cute. She combines the fey cuteness of the other two but she doesn't look quite as alien.
    13. did anyone get Molly? I somehow didnt see her and I love her!
    14. I know this thread is absolutely ancient... but did anyone ever end up buying a Vintage Ai Molly?

      I actually cannot find a single picture of her online aside from one small picture of her face! I thought she was adorable and I'm pretty surprised that not a single person seems to own her!

      For those curious to see her, here's the only picture I can find of her adorable face... even if nobody has one on DOA, have you ever seen one on a Korean or Japanese blog? For sale on Yahoo Japan? Anywhere?! XD;

      I've been hearing a lot about Tineye lately, which is part of what sparks this... I thought maybe if I put that picture of Molly in I'd dig up some obscure blog post or... something! But tineye gives 0 results... how sad.