New Doll Magic Mirror ERIN first preorder!

Mar 4, 2021

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      Hello everyone!

      Today we officially open the pre-order for pro-cast Erins! She is the tiny doll created together by Nanyalin and Krowbar, and she is available as an unlimited spot preorder for the first time! please, share to your friends and let everyone know ; )

      This pre-order runs from 1/03/21 to 11/03/21
      If you want to order please send an email to: [email protected]

      To order the doll, please send an email titled 'Erin Order' to:
      [email protected]

      The previous Erins that were available were all OOAK and home casted; which took us a long time to make and perfect. This time we offer pro-cast which are cast by Magic Mirror usual professional manufacturer, Fantasy Doll. Hereby, the colors we offer now are limited to three. We still hope you like them a lot!

      Erin is 16cm tall; wears 6mm eyes (Moose), 8mm eyes (Fairy) and 10mm eyes (Gremlin). Her wig size is 3-4, and she fits in clothes similar to pukifee, Obitsu11 and Lati Yellow sizes (don't quote me on this tho! Her measurements are very special, and as it's usual in my dolls, she needs way larger bottoms than tops :P)

      Please read all the details below if you want to order Erin:

      -Price of one doll with one face: 250 EURO
      -Bunny set (including one set of ears and one bunny tail): 35 EURO
      -Extra faceplate in matching colour: 30 EURO
      -Make up by Dr. Krowbar for one faceplate: 25 EURO
      -The faces we offer this pre order are Fairy Erin (Girl with small elf ears and chubby cheeks)
      -Gremlin Erin (Girl with big ears and a bigger smile)
      -Moose (Human Girl with plush lips and chubby cheeks)
      -The colours we offer this pre order:
      • Light Green
      • Cream White
      • Light Tan
      These are the only colours available this pre order.

      Since we are not casting these dolls ourselves the approximate wait time is 3 to 4 months but could be longer due to Covid restrictions in post or even in our caster. We will keep updating about the status of the order regularly in our social media.

      Please note that layaway 3 times is available but once you have made payments these are non-refundable. The minimum deposit to get in the preorder is 55 EURO.
      We will only note down your order once you have paid the deposit.
      Shipping fees from the UK:
      8 EURO for UK
      15 EURO for EU
      25 EURO for International.

      We cannot offer refunds/returns or exchanges if you change your mind about the doll before or after recieving it. Please, consider carefully which are your preferred options before ordering.
      Please be aware that we really don't have a fixed release plan for Erin, since it's a joint project that both Krowbar and I have to fit in our own already crowded schedules. So if you like her, we really encourage you to join this pre-order, because we don't know when will she be available again.
      If you have any questions or if you want to order please send an email to:

      [email protected]

      Thank you very much for reading, and if you are willing to adopt a mischievous tiny fairy girl, come on and join us!

      Fairy2.jpg Goblin3.jpg Moose1.jpg Moose3.jpg
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    2. They are adorable! Do you have link to more picts? I'd love to see the bunny set on.
    3. Sure! Please check my instagram:

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    4. I'm in love with Moose :D:D:D
      But the one in the pictures is light tan?. The same light tan as the fairies of glendalough?
    5. Hi! Yes, it will be similar! I can't 100% grant it will be identical because my manufacturer is notorious for varying the resin colors from batch to batch, but at least, very similar!
    6. Thank you!!! :love:love:love