Sales Promotion Magic Mirror Keira - In stock sales/free shipping

Jul 21, 2017

    1. So. Finally, after so many delays, here it comes the time :_P!

      The sales for the In Stock Keiras will be tomorrow. This time, I want everyone to be informed, so please, feel free to share this to the interested parties.

      I need money to pay for the Levons, so this sales has to be a first come, first serve basis, and these dolls are available for immediate payment only. BUT -do not worry-. Keira will be back for preorder the 5th of September, with layaway in 4 parts available.

      I have six dolls in total. Global price for this sales is 480€, and includes registered free shipping everywhere, no faceup option available this time, sorry. So onto the relevant data:

      Date: 22 July
      Time: 20h GMT
      How to: email to [email protected] (Important: email ONLY- I won't hold or sell any dolls via my social media, because things get extremely messy). Email should include the following

      -Title: In stock Keira sales (+ color you want)
      -Name and shipping adress
      -Your paypal adress you want me to invoice you to
      -Any special instructions

      1- Keira Medium Tan
      2- Keira Light Tan
      3- Keira Light Tan
      4- Keira Light Tan
      5- Keira Sand Skin
      6- Keira Sand Skin

      If the doll you wanted is available, I will invoice you, and since then, you will have 4 days to pay. If payment is not fulfilled, I will skip to next person in line.

      So,hope everything is clear this time? I know the lilac Keiras was quite a mess of desinformation, so I hope this time can go smoother, and everyone who missed the former preorder can get theirs. And, as I mentioned, if you cannot afford it this time, do not worry! Keira will be back in about 6 weeks with long layaway option.





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