Preorder Magic Mirror Keira; Preorder and new colors (17th April-7th May)

Apr 17, 2018

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      Hello everyone!

      It has been more than a year since Keira was available for sale. For those of you who might have fall in love with her meanwhile, here is your chance to adopt the little fox.

      Keira is back again, in new colors: Brownie (a very dark tan), Cream, (an ivory white), and the popular Desert Sand skin.

      We will receive orders from the 17th of April to the 20th of May. For this preorder, layaway is available up to 5 payments.

      This is the info about Keira PreOrder, please read it all before sending us the confirmation mail!

      ✦ Colors available for this Preorder:

      ● Cream: 460€
      ● Brownie: 470€
      ● Sand: 460€

      ✦ Face up Options:

      ● Basic FaceUp: +40€
      Only 10 slots
      ● Body Blush: +45$€
      Only 10 slots

      ✦ Shipping Info:

      Spain: 25€
      Europe: 30€
      Rest of the World: 35€

      ✦ Keira Measurement:

      Height: 34cm
      Wig Size: 6-7 inch
      Eye Size: 10mm/12mm (depending on brand)
      Foot Length: 5cm
      Waist: 10cm
      Hips: 17cm
      Bust: 12’3 cm
      Thigh girth: 11cm
      Inner leg length: 16’8cm
      Outer arm length (Shoulder to wrist): 8’5cm





      To order Keira, please send an email to:

      [email protected]

      With this fllowing info:

      • Your Name:
      • Contact Mail:
      • Model: Keira.
      • Color: Cream/Brownie/Sand.
      • Face Up: Yes/No.
      • Body Blush: Yes/No.
      • Layaway: No/Yes, 2,3,4 or 5 payments
      • Complete Shipping Address:
      • Paypal Account: Where we send the invoice.

      (If you want more than one doll, complete the form: Model, Color, Face up and Body blush with each of them)
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    2. Do you have any photos of the nude doll body, and possibly blank face?
    3. Is Keira the only doll available in this preorder? Or can we order different dolls? Thanks!
    4. Is this the last casting for these dolls or will you be recasting them later?
    5. Hi Weslie! The preorder is only for Keira. I'm opening soon another for the fairies of Glendalough, but if you want an specific MM doll, pm' me. I usually keep some in stock just in case!
    6. Do you sell the toga-ish outfit as well? I'm loving that dark skintone.
    7. Are the ears removable or magnatic?
    8. Does her 34cm height include the fox ears? Or is it 34cm to the top of the head?

      Another question: Which is the correct end date for the pre-order? The photos have May 7th while your message has May 20th.
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