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Magic Mirror Keira & The commoners (34 cm) part 1

Sep 21, 2016

    1. #1 Krysia, Sep 21, 2016
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    2. There are more photos on Nanyalin's Flickr (Nanyalin | Flickr)! Eek, now I want a tan one...

    3. Oh my goodness! I adore her. I'm trying to figure out the layaway. Is it 60 days the max? Everyone has been releasing the cutest foxes lately. And a chance for a racquel Clemente faceup. So temping!
    4. I ordered her in Desert Sand, too! She'll be a little Fennec fox, I have Pipos cat ears I plan on putting on her.
    5. Hi guys! @Meggethann , the maximum layaway is 4 months, 5 installements (first one is given as deposit at the moment of the purchase!)
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    6. She's done it again! This girl is so adorable! I need a money tree right now!

    7. Oh thank you for getting back to me! What a lovely doll! How does it work between you and Racquel doing the faceups? Do you both have specific faceup ideas or when people select that option do you both work with the customer to create something? She really is stunning!
    8. On the site it says "12.3cm bust, 10cm hips and 17cm waist". Looking at her super hourglass figure, are the measurements for the hips and waist reversed?
    9. Ow, they are indeed. Thanks for noticing, haha!
    10. Oh, she's absolutely adorable! I love her figure, and she's got such a cute face. It's a very bad time for me right now, financially (just splurged on Lillycat's in-stock sale pretty hard, among other things), but I'm going to have to see if I can wiggle her in with a layaway.

      I really wish I could get a Cluny -- love her face! -- but since it looks like that's a rare opportunity, I'll hope to bring Keira home if I can manage it.
    11. She is adorable - is she on the same body as Sinead et al?
    12. No, she is a totally different design and body.

      I made some pictures of how the knees work:

      #12 Nanyalin, Sep 22, 2016
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    13. She looks utterly awesome!
    14. I am really hoping to get one if everything works out on my side! They are just so lovely! Her face reminds me of Sinéad a little :)
      She must be a really solid stander with those curvy hips, legs and feet!
      I'm planning to get the desert sand too, but only because it's light enough to dye purple :P
      The tan is absolutely beautiful, I hope to see some around too! Anyone have plans for theirs yet?
      #14 Nyxy, Sep 27, 2016
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    15. I took some pictures of Keira in a less fantasy outfit, and I think she looks so cute! Wanted to share with you guys

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    16. Oh my goodness! She is so precious. I really hope the money goes look down kindly on me and I can find a way to swing getting her in tan. Although she is super cute here too!
    17. I have encountered some issues with the MM website. I receive a server error when I try to go to the layaway information for Keira. Here is the error message. Thanks

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    18. Oh, thanks for telling me! I will check it this monday first thing. My apologizes, still struggling a bit with the wordpress!

      Basically, the layaway starts when you choose all the options and proceed to checkout. Then you can choose from 2 to 5 payments.
    19. She is super adorable and pulling at my heartstrings. I would love to see the tan one in a curly black or brown wig :aheartbea
    20. She's soooo adorable. I pre ordered her and now I'm trying to do a wig for her with alpaca fibre.

      6-7 is her wig size, am I right?