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New Doll Magic Mirror May - 25cm Sidhe

Oct 4, 2017

    1. Magic Mirror May preorder is open!

      May is my new doll. She is 25cm tall, and very slender. She can wear Lati Yellow clothes, and some Monster's High as well. She wears a 2-3'' wig, and 4 or 5mm eyes.


      I have been thinking for a long time about making a doll that could have an affordable price, but that could represent the aesthetics and idiosincrasy of Magic Mirror well. I know there are many people who have been interested in my dolls, but couldn't afford it. For this reason, I decided to create this pocket version of my sweet Moira. She has all the lovely features, posability and stunning looks of her bigger sister... but compressed in a really portable, easy to handle and lovely to play with size. Also, in order to let her reach the widest range of interested people, I've gone for lowest price I could afford, and decided to offer a reasonably long layaway. So she can be yours for about 60€ monthly. I really hope that this will make things easier for the people that have been wanting one of my dolls but were not able to get any yet. I must say I'm deeply in love with her, and I'm taking mine everywhere. She is just so light and yet, has so much pressence, that has quickly escalated to be one of my favourite creations : )

      Even if she is based in Sidhe Moira, she has her own features, both in face and body. She has double jointed thighs to perform several poses and enhance her flexibility; all the other joints are the same of her larger counterpart, and have the smooth flexibility characteristic of the Sidhe line.

      May's price is 240€ for this first preorder. As said above, I'm accepting layaway payments up to 4 times.

      Shipping fees:

      Spain- 20€
      Rest of the world: 35€

      I have 10 slots of faceup available by me, for 40€ each.

      The colors available for this preorder are warm tan, pale mint and petal pink. Cost is the same for all colors.


      May is available to order from today, 4th of October, till the 18th of October included. To order her, send me an email to:

      [email protected]

      With this format:

      Title of the message: Magic Mirror May Order

      Body of the message:

      -Color you want: Tan/Mint/Pink
      -Layaway: Yes/No and number of payments
      -Faceup: Yes/No
      -Country: Your contry to calculate shipping.
      -Paypal Adress
      -Shipping adress

      And any specifications or inquires you might have. Then please wait until I send you a confirmation email with payment details, and that's all! Please, share this news. Tomorrow I have a surprise for you all, in order to make May's debut memorable.



      And a comparison with my Fairy of Glendalough, Saoirse:


      For more pictures, please visit my Instagram:
      Nan (@nanyalin) • Instagram photos and videos

      Or my Facebook page:
      Magic Mirror
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    2. She looks gorgeous, and so dainty! I love the posing video too <3
      Do you have a list of measurements available for her?
    3. I second the request for a list of measurements. And do you have a photo of the petal pink resin that you can share?
      Many thanks.
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    4. She is so beautiful! Do you have a comparison of all the resin colors? I know tan is the pictured color and there's mint on FB, but I'd love to see them next to each other and with the pink. I might have to take her home, especially since you're offering that layaway!
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    5. She's so gorgeous! I love dolls in this scale, and she's an elf, AND you're offering layaway... :D Do you have any photos of her head in profile (from the side)?
    6. Nanyalin -

      Tried to PM you regarding payments for my girl but your inbox is full.
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    7. Should I wait to receive an invoice, or send payment now?
      Please let me know.
    8. Hello! I'm trying to reply to all the inquires about May. In the event of my inbox full in here, please email me to

      [email protected]