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Magic Mirror May Discussion thread part 1

Jun 12, 2018

    1. May is so different from the other Magic Mirror dolls that we thought she should have her own thread!

      Here is my quick picture of May in tan skin:

      I will replace the picture when I get a better one.

      Here is Nayialin's blog is here: Magic Mirror Studio: Contact & About
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    2. @nancy_schroeder_ca - Your May is a cutie! I like the tan skin.

      And here is my little May in pink skin and a borrowed dress and cap. I've got to crochet for her pronto because this dress was made for a PukiFee and is super short. I didn't care for the first face-up I gave her. This is my second. I think I'll keep it.
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    3. @vermont chick, She is lovely! I like her faceup! I was a bit worried about the pink, so I got the tan. They are both lovely colors!
    4. Thank you! I'm glad I wiped her first face-up. I attempted too much detail, but as soon as I saw yours I realized that less is definitely more on such a small head.
    5. Both of your May’s are lovely! I received mine also. Tan with faceup. Am ordering eyes and a wig. Do you guys think that Monique wig have too much hair for such a tiny head?

      I really like May. Such a great little poser with some sass.
    6. @mysticaldolldreams - I'll tell you for sure about Monique wigs tomorrow. I ordered size 3 from Facets by Marcia and the wigs are in transit. I have high hopes that they'll fit, if only because my May is wearing a cap I crocheted for a RealPuki, whose head is a tiny bit larger. The Facets site says size 3 is too small for RealPuki because of their head bump, so I figure it should fit May just fine. If not, I'll make tiny seams in the wig cap to take it in.

      The amount of hair depends on the wig style. One of the wigs I ordered has big hair, but I bought it with a Doll Chateau Ada in mind. The only problem I foresee is the position and size of May's elf ears. My experience with other is dolls that sometimes a wig that's the right size otherwise won't stay on because the ears keep the wig cap from going on all the way. Fingers crossed.

      I couldn't get to sleep last night just thinking about how I'll craft sandals for her to wear and planning out her next two dresses. :lol:
    7. @vermont chick , thanks much for the help. I just ordered a wig from facets before coming over here. I took the plunge and ordered ginger because the wig is easy to style if the wig looks bulky to me. I have had wigs that just would not accommodate those ears so I put slits in the wig cap and slid the ears in that way. I ordered wig cap too.

      So do you sell clothes also? I would be interested if you do. I would like to make clothes for my girl, but in the end, I know I wouldn’t do it since I don’t have much patience for the tedious. Ohhh! Sandals are always on my shop list too.
    8. @mysticaldolldreams - I haven't sold any clothes that I've made, only doll companies' clothes that I was getting rid of. I don't have much patience for the tedious, either, so what I make is rather hit or miss. Why don't you message me about this?
    9. My Monique wigs arrived and, while not a perfect fit, are useable. The silicone wig cap helps immensely. Even so, the elf ears do get in the way. I took a bunch of photos this afternoon and had to push down on the wig after every couple of photos because it kept riding up.
      Oops! This one is not as in-focus as I thought it was. The wig style is Navajo.
    10. Thanks for the picture! I had that wig in my cart but I think I may need to make one.
    11. I thought of doing that, too, even before I placed my order. But I needed to see how the wig fit, first. I should probably poke her ears through the hair, except I'm afraid the braid will pull out. That happened to a 5-6 Navajo and I've never been able to re-braid it properly.
    12. @vermont chick, I like her look in that wig. She looks like she is a tiny elvish Queen.
    13. Thanks! It's my favorite of the three I bought. The other two have too much hair.
    14. :doh@vermont chick, I had my concerns about that. Did you order the Ginger wig? (Cringing).
    15. @mysticaldolldreams - No, but I wish I had. My other two are "Jillian" with masses of blonde curls, and "Rapunzel" which looks a lot like a "Pretty Girl". I was hoping "Jillian" would fit my Doll Chateau Ada, but Ada must be a size 3-4 because I couldn't get the 3 on her.
    16. I made May another dress. This one has a crochet top with a silky handkerchief skirt. Trying to fit slippery fabric to a slippery resin was far from easy. This dress took twice as long to make as it should have.
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    17. @mysticaldolldreams - Thank you! I absolutely love this little doll. She is so easy to pose.
    18. May has a new friend, a cloth dragon named Cromwell who appears to enjoy having his chin tickled. (Dragon pattern by Melinda Small Paterson.)
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    19. Oh, May looks so happy with her friend. Dragon looks like he is enjoying the neck scratch!

      I received the Monique wig I ordered for May (Ginger, I think). Looks like it is going to work well on her.