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Magic Tailor/fashiondolluk 2009 Company Feedback

Jan 8, 2009

    1. I had no end of trouble with this seller and even opening a dispute proved worthless, plenty of 'nice' emails from them but never the goods, that's when they were Magic Tailor.

      Bought 4 items - 2 sets of boots and 2 wigs.

      - the black boots were missing completely
      - the white boots had stains on them I couldn't remove
      - the red wig with black plaits was just a plain red wig
      - the black wig with red plaits actually arrived fine

      So 1 item correct out of 4. Emails were ignored and I finally got somewhere with the seller explaining the black boots weren't actually in stock but that they'd send the correct wig if I sent back the old one. They also offered to send me the postage price I would pay via Paypal.

      - I sent back the wig
      - I never got the new wig
      - I never for the money back for sending back the wig
      - I never got the boots (which were promised as they came back in stock afterward)

      So I ended with 2 out of 4 items and have TO PAY out more money to send back the wig. Shortly after returning the wig the seller ceased to answer my emails, ALL of them, also they COMPLETELY ignored the dispute, as you can see below this made no difference to me and didn't even result in them being penalised, so filing a dispute is worth what?

      Of course this dragged on over a period of 3 months.


      eBay Dispute Closure Date Approaching for Item #330131643201

      Dear fiathriel!,

      A dispute can remain open for a maximum of 90 days from the transaction date. If you don't close this dispute before reaching day 90 then eBay will automatically close this dispute. As a result, the seller's account will not be penalized.

      Learn more about eBay's Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described Policy.

      Thank you for your patience and responsiveness in participating in this process.
      Thank you,
    2. I had a problem with fashiondolluk recently. I bought an item on ebay, and heard nothing from them for 3 weeks. I emailed them at 4 times over this time period, asking if they saw that I'd paid, when I could expect my item, and finally, if they intended to ship it. I filed a Paypal complaint. As luck would have it, the item arrived a couple days after. But I never received any communications from them, even with the Paypal complaint. I won't order anything else - it's too stressful. They do have nice clothing items, and I'm happy with the things I've bought from them in the past, and this recent item as well - but it's just not worth the anxiety. Really, it shouldn't be this difficult for them to handle this amount of business...
    3. fiathriel, if you used paypal for your transaction you can open a dispute through them. It's more effective than ebay and you can then file a claim. I'm not sure about it being to late tho, i think you can open a dispute within 60days, but you should check.
    4. Thank you but sadly you can't for old transactions, I thought I'd send them a note through eBay to 'jog' their memory, you never know, they might just cough up something for me after all. This was AGES ago though.
    5. As of today they already have 3 negative feedbacks out of 20.

      That's bad!
    6. Yes, I sent them an eBay message saying that I realised (thanks to DoA) that they were Magic Tailor to try and rekindle my dispute with them after getting ripped off. Didn't work though, they ignored just like most of my messages when they were Magic Tailor :|