Magic Time Wig & Eye Size - Mana Girl

Mar 6, 2017

    1. Mana Girl from Magic Time is the next doll I'm planning to get. Though I have her head measurement (18.5 cm) I'm not sure if a 6-7 or a 7-8 would be a better choice for her. If anyone has this doll and knows her wig size (or just knows how sizing works better than me) I would love to hear what you have to say!

      Also! I'm looking for her eye size since that isn't listed explicitly on the site I found her on either.

    2. Hey there! Since the head measures 7.2 inches, I'd say you can get away with going 6/7 with a stretchy wigcap. You could also go up to 7.5, but I personally found 7/8 to be too big on my Rachel. For the eyes, I recommend buying cheap pairs of 12mm and 14mm eyes to see which ones you like best. I found I that liked 14mm the best.

      For clothes, anything made for slim minis in general should fit, but the Magic Time minis have slender feet so shoes without straps might require padding to stay on correctly.
      Also, you'll want to be aware of two things:

      Firstly, be very careful when taking off the doll's headcap, since Magic Time
      sculpted very sharp edges where the two halves meet instead of the usual rounded styling. I cut my finger on the half that comes off the first time I removed it. And secondly, that the ears for all of MT's dolls are separate pieces and not molded on. They aren't secure when the headcap is off, so you might want to stick some eye putty on the ear posts so that they don't fly out when you want to change eyes.

      .....This is probably more than you wanted to read, but I hope it helps you!
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    3. Hello !
      Well my Alice (Rachel) wears a 7-8" wig and it fit her just right I'd say be careful of the exact measurement of the wig before buying it,
      and the eyes she wears a 14mm and it fits nicely but if your looking for a smaller iris try the 12mm as @Selenae suggested
      here's a pic of Alice (Rachel) with 14mm eyes and the 7-8" wig I don't think the wig would help but anyway here she is

    4. Thank you both so much for your feedback! I really appreciate the extra advice and I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I'm finally able to bring her home! :)
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    5. @Selenae Thank you for the answers. <3
      Off-topic, but is she able to wear MNF and Unoa sized shoes?