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Magical Twins Geoffrey and Fia Senior Delf Limited Discussion

Nov 7, 2008

    1. [SIZE="-10"]

      I cannot believe that there isn't a discussion for these guys already! :| At least not one that I can see.

      Anyways... I'm eager to know what everyone thinks... so discuss!![/SIZE]
    2. I think the sculpt makes a better girl, I think Fia is cute. Can't say I'm really impressed with the mold as a boy [It could just be the very young faceup for him]. I think I'll pass this time...not really feeling it. :(
    3. I think the face is super-cute! :aheartbea I like it as a boy and a girl but the thought of that chibi face on a Senior Delf boy body has me lollin. He'd have been much better off as a regular Delf.

      Too bad it's a limited sculpt, I just don't have the funds right now to even think about him. :( Unless... hmmmmmm. :sneaky
    4. [SIZE="-10"]Dybbuk: I think they're both nice and I'd love to see them both, especially Geoffrey, without the default faceup because I think they both have potential. Then again, company photos have often been misleading.

      idrisfynn: That's exactly what I thought! I was shocked when I found out they were Senior Delfs because they look so... cute. XD I don't know how to explain it, but I do agree that they would probably be better off as Delfs.[/SIZE]
    5. True..often LUTS photos are very misleading to the actual product, I would like to see what other people do with them, but I think it's the sculpt itself that bothers me. I'm with idrisfynn, seeing that cute face on the ripped SDF boy body just throws me off. XD
    6. [SIZE="-10"]I love the sculpt, which is bad because these big kids are killing me. :| I really want Geoffrey and I hope I have a chance to get him. :( I probably won't have a chance. But if I did get him, I can't see me having him on a Senior Delf body. It just doesn't work out in my mind. I hope he'll work on other bodies without much trouble. [/SIZE]
    7. wow..just checked the numbers~only 30 fullsets of each.

      Forbidden if you get the chance to get Geoffry maybe he can work on a Volks body? Hybrids of SD13 boy bods with SDF heads works really well I think. :) I think Geoffry would be better suited to it.
    8. Geoffrey is so sweet! I think he has too sweet face to be Senior. haha.
      I like their concept image, though.
    9. They state in the description that this head will only be released as a limited fullset, but they don't state that this is the only time a limited fullset will be released.
      The face is so cute! Works really well on the girl body, since the other SDF girls have an equally soft early teen look to most of them, but not as an SDF boy. *_*

      And would they figure out the damn white resin thing!? geez. It's just not that hard, people. :|
    10. Yet another head that will look completely out of place on the muscular SDF boy body. *pokes her Bliss's tiny girly head and then his gigantic manhands*

      It's a good thing I don't like them much, though. I'm kinda (or, you know...very) broke. :sweat
    11. [SIZE="-10"]It looks as though this sculpt isn't very popular or hasn't been well received yet. It seems like a lot of people will think that the face doesn't fit the body with Geoffrey. I'm not too fond of the way the wig looks in some pictures nor am I fond of the faceups, but the sculpt itself is too cute to look the other way on. And the outfits themselves are lovely. Hopefully they're still around at a time where I have the funds to get the head, outfits, wigs and shoes in a split. :eusa_pray If not, I'll be content with the wigs and Geoffrey's head.

      Dybbuk: Thank you for that information, I'll have to keep that in mind if I get him somehow. *fingers crossed* Though I wonder if there are other bodies that work with the Senior Delf heads. I'll have to look into it as I'm not too keen on anything that has to do with Volks. [/SIZE]
    12. [Shakes away thought of getting a Fia instead]

      >.< Sooooooooooooooooooooo Pwetty!!!!!
    13. I wonder if Luts has ever considered changing the body type a head was released on? I can't stop looking at Geoffrey, but it's completely pointless. :(
      Geoffrey would be in my home in a heartbeat if he were a regular old white Delf boy. His neck looks too thick for his face in the few photos where you can actually see it. I think he's the cutest thing since Shiwoo. :XD: And I'd love to have that wig in at least black, red and blonde!
    14. [SIZE="-10"]I never noticed his neck until you mentioned it, St. James. It does look a bit odd in some of the photos. He's so cute and so sweet looking! I was just looking at his promo pictures again and I am so in love with his face~

      He's too adorable... *pines for*[/SIZE]
    15. Featherfire, I do agree. Most of the SD and SSD boy heads are very soft looking--they don't seem to go with the body. Did you take their survey--about a month ago? I suggested they offer a few more manly sculpts and an a la carte system. I really want build a doll from Luts :)

      I do love Fia as a girl though--so, so pretty.
    16. So both the dolls still look to be plenty available on the website, in spite of the fact there are only 30 each. I wonder how many have even been sold. They could end up like Camilla and be a limited that never sells out.

      I like this mold as a girl. Fia is lovely.
    17. Emberens: I want to say that 15 of each were released on the US site [the other half was allocated to the Japanese and Korean site?]...so from the looks of it, no one has bought Geoffry, and only one person has purchased a Fia from the US site.

      They will definitely take a long time to sell out. This sculpt isn't very popular judging from how little discussion has gone on for these two.
    18. I assume we'll see people doing some splits for them. Most people who like those kinds of cutie faces are not usually the same people who like those super muscle or mature kinds of bodies. I happen to like both and I even like a somewhat younger, androgynous face on a more mature body but this head is just waaay too young for these bodies. Even moreso than all of the other Seniors.

      Perhaps Luts wants to move away from using the CP designed body but until they create a new softer looking 60cm body these heads are going to look out of place. Some heads are just better off on regular Delf bodies.
    19. [SIZE="-10"]While this makes me sad, it also makes me happy at the same time as I have a chance of securing Geoffrey's head should anyone be in need of a Senior Delf boy body at a nice price. *keeps her fingers crossed* I might even be willing to take his clothes depending on how much money I have set aside when I place my group order towards December's end.

      The unpopularity seems to be stemming from their decision to be released as Senior Delfs, which may have been a bad judgment call for Luts, but again it gives me loooots of hope. XD[/SIZE]

    20. idrisfynn: I agree with that~ the cute boys and girls need the cute younger bods. T_T if Geoffry was able to work on a delf body..I think he would be very Chiwoo cute. I hope someone gets one to see what Geoff or Fia REALLY look like. If LUTS is moving away from delf bods..then they need to re-work that SDF body asap~ T.T my azure boy is also awkward on this bod.

      Forbidden: I totally agree...if these kiddos were not SDFs...I could imagine a little more buzz. BUT luckily for people that want them, they do have a lot of time. I imagine if someone gets one, and surely they will look much nicer than what they look like on LUTS website, more people will have some interest in them. Good luck with your splits Forbidden!! I hope you can bring them home soon~