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Magnetic tail - how?

Jun 2, 2008

    1. I've made my Puki Fizz a tail and want to attach it with magnets, but how should I go about that without marking the outside of her little back?

      I thought of drilling inside the body to fit the magnet and then sewing another into the tail. Has anyone done that? All help much appreciated. She's right fed up as she wants to tell a story and won't face the camera without her tail! She didn't like the stuck on tail I made her. :(
    2. My suggestion (and I'm going to be trying this myself with a larger doll) is something similar to what you said, slightly sanding down the interior of the body and placing a small rare earth magnet inside, then put one in the tail.
      However, since you're using a Puki, and they are so darn small, you may just want to try putting the magnet in without sanding down the resin. If you get a rare earth magnet, it should be strong enough to go through the resin and whatever clothes you put on her.

      I hope this helped!
    3. Thank you. I may have found another solution.
    4. What other solution are you considering?

      I want to add tails to my Pukis, too.
    5. I just got some super strong magnets because I want to attach wings to my doll without marking him. They're so strong that they stick together even through my finger. They say 'neodymium buttons' on the package and are .5 inches across. I got 4 of them for around $3 at Wal-Mart in the craft section. I don't see any problems having them stay together through resin and clothing.
    6. My other solution was to put the tail into the body cavity and then bend it, there is a pipe cleaner inside it, then poke the rest out through her dress. So far, it's working and staying just fine. Of course the problem with that is when there isn't a hole for her tail! I know I have some very strong magnets round here somewhere.

      Problem is, inside the bum there is very little space and it isn't low enough to be at the end of her spine.

      Thanks GenkiIchigo, but I live in the UK. I'm sure this will help those in the States. Thanks for sharing.
    7. Oh darn >.< Well, good luck! The pipe cleaner is a really good idea though for clothes that will let her tail out. I'm sure you'll find something~
    8. I'd suggest making a little harness out of elastic to go around both your Puki's legs and her waist and attach this harness to the tail. Poke the tail through the back fastening of her dress and you'll never know she was wearing something underneath to keep the tail on.

      If I have a bit of time I'll make a mock-up of what I mean on my Bobobie Cookie and show you :)
    9. Thanks Jescissa.
    10. If you plan to have him always dressed, why don't you simply stick the tail to the clothes? You can put a magnet at the end of the tail and another one inside the clothes.

      This is at least a useful trick until you've decided how to mod him!
    11. hot glue the magnet to the rear? you wont see it with the tail on, and should be able to peel hot glue back off later when you dont want it there?