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Making a "Frankenstein" hybrid

Aug 16, 2017

    1. Sorry if this has been discussed, but I did not see anything yet (newbie here)- has anyone ever taken mismatched body parts, different sizes and skin-tones, to make a Frankenstein-type character?
      I think with the skills and artistry I have seen here, someone could make a pretty striking doll. Something like stitches and shading could be used to bring cohesiveness to the jumble, but it could be fun!
    2. Different skin tones on their own have been done, but not sure with the different sizes.

      It could be done together with mods to help the joints work but I think the parts weight would need to be considered if you want the poses to hold. I never done this on bjd but when making clay doll if the weight is not balanced pieces can break or fall. So that's what I'm basing on the bjd mobility here. Heavy parts would just flop down since they weren't created to work together.

      But of course if the size isn't so different like a 45cm with 50cm or even 65cm with 70cm maybe they could hold each other well, and all it would be necessary is the joint mod and maybe sand part of the bigger or adding to the smaller to create a size transition.

      Maybe people more experienced with hybridizing BJDs will reply, but I think is a fun idea to be explored. And I want to make one with giant claws now, love some monsters with huge claws.
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    3. I think you could manage one arm longer or bulkier than the other with some careful consideration of the sockets of the shoulder and so on, though you'd want the legs the same length or the doll won't stand lol.

      I have an ot frankendolly made from broken and spare parts. He was an experiment to see if broken pieces could be turned into something new.
      I did some blushing on his face to give him a patch of different coloured skin and stitching and all that too. it was fun.

      It'd be a good way to mesh mismatching resin parts certainly, and I would be inclined to do some mod work to the legs to make one different. Maybe a prosthetic? or carve in detail? Skeletal? zombie-like?
      But the legs would need to be the same length so the doll could stand. Easiest way to do that is by using a pair. You could also end up with one arm that's heavier and doesn't like to pose as well, but wiring could help ease that.

      I always liked lopsided designs myself hahah.
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    4. Sorry to be the most banal voice in this incredibly cool thread, but I just realised I could "Frankenstein" some non-muscular arms onto a boy to make a non-ripped one! I'm au fait with sanding abs and pecs smooth, but I'm always stumped by bulky arms. Swap 'em out!!! Obviously!!!

      Back on topic, a friend of mine has a gorgeous "Frankensteined" doll, to whom she added another pair of arms, digitigrade legs and a scorpion tail. I think the key is to keep heavy parts (like oversized legs etc.) to the bottom to lower the centre of mass so they can still stand nicely.
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    5. I'm a mad hybridizer and weird thing maker. Seriously, it's out of control.

      Just about anything can be done with enough epoxy and strategic stringing/sueding/wiring and other types of modding to keep joints functional and balance on point. You can always string parts separately if one is heavier, and thicker string (up to 6 mm on some larger ones) has made a huge difference for some of mine. Now I definitely want to see a doll with one big Trogdor arm or something!
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    6. I guess the closest I've come to this is to put Mini feet on a YO sized doll to make a Hobbit. It was a LTF, so I pulled the hooks out of the Dollmore Kid feet I used and added magnets with epoxy. Works great and no mods had to be done to the LTF at all....he can use his old feet if he needs to. So depending on what parts you're looking to use, multiple scales in one doll could possibly work. But if you are planning on spending lots of $$ for this project I would definitely do some serious research before buying.

      If it's just a bunch of parts you have laying around, go for it. In my head I see Adam from Buffy, and that's pretty cool.
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    7. Thanks to you all! I am happy to see pics if there are any, and love to help inspire. So many posts here have educated and inspired me, I can't tell you.
    8. I am hardcore into the idea of this. I don't have enough dolls at the moment to give it a shot myself, but I'd LOVE to see what kind of creatures I could come up with some day, especially since my preference is the fantasy style dolls. I've always had it in the back of my mind to just pick up a handful of dolls in need of some serious repairs and help to Frankenstein together into something incredible, though I'm sure it's a lot easier said than done, haha! Does anyone care to share some of their pics of the ones they've made? I'd LOVE to see!
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    9. I think someone has frankensteined a doll from Resinsoul (they let you order parts in different colors), but not from different size dolls.

      I am intrigued by this idea as well, as the majority of my dolls are frankensteined in some way (my average is two or three companies per doll).

      I even have a doll who shells a character who's called "Frankenstein" (grade schoolers aren't picky about if it's technically "Frankenstein" or his monster) in grade school because her last name is "Stein" and she has hypopigmentation of her skin (like vitiligo). She kind of likes the nickname (or learns to live with it) later in life as her coworkers joke she can raise the dead in the ED.
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    10. This is my thread!! Yeah i've been thinking for years now to make 'Frankendollie' (As I have named her allready). I have this two floating heads which I don't do anything with. So I'm going to use one to make a mismatched doll. With like everything mismatched, from skin color to different set of hands, maybe even one hooved leg and one normal or even something else. Maybe one hand a paw or claw or maybe even a robot arm. I'll see which parts I can get, since I'm really thinking of buying very cheap damaged body parts and fix them up to make them a true Frankendollie.

      First I do have other expenses in my life right now. But I surely hope to start on her somewhere next year!! She will be the villian of my story too. So I'm planning to make her look a tad scary if possible!
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    11. Honestly I always loved this idea. One of my favorite books has a character who is a modern day Frankenstein made up entirely of other parts, I think it'd be a gorgeous doll because of all the different skintones and scarring it would have, not to mention the faceup possibilities. I could string together the parts myself but I'd have to get someone to create the faceup for me. (But that is a pipe dream. One day I'd like to, but when my other projects and plans are out of the way) I did try once with OT doll parts but I couldn't get it to work out.
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    12. That sounds awesome!
    13. I have a doll with a RS 70cm body (heavily modded), Dollmore model boy hands, and a Soom Chrom head which were 3 different colors and I dyed the whole thing dark grey :sweat He's a test doll basically
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    14. Thanks for the picture!
    15. No problem ^_^ as you can see, the dye was dark enough to make the parts match
    16. I've done hybrid dolls, but you need to be careful with sizes. The joints won't work if they're too different and posing will be difficult.
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    17. For anyone interested, I am finally starting to look for dollparts for my Frankenstein doll. It might still take a long time, since I want to truly make her unique and a bit scary. But I hope I will be able to share pictures of her in this thread (for reference purposes) in between this and a year. I'm hopefull but I know I might bump into a lot of dificulties because, like allready said, letting joints fit might be an issue.
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    18. I have definitely flirted with this idea. Not so much with the color, but definitely with scale. I've wanted to make a chubbier MSD by using a big baby scale body with an msd head and hands, use SD hands on an MSD for creepy spidery fingers, and make non-dc sculpts lankier by adding DC joints to them.

      Unfortunately this is all just a tiny bit too expensive for me to justify my bizarre experiments so for now it's just a dream...
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    19. i never thought about this!
    20. My Frankendollie actually matches surprisingly well, considering she's a hybrid of different Soom parts and Soom's cream white is notoriously variable. It didn't matter, because I then had her dyed sky blue, but before she went into the dye bath her parts coincidentally all matched.