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Making Doll's Clothes BEFORE You Get Your Doll... Or not...

Jul 13, 2010

    1. What kind of clothes do you make?
      Do you use something as a temporary Model?
      Have you made a whole bunch of clothes to suit different personalities? (before you made your doll one?
      any stories?
      Ever made clothes and they TOTTALY either fit perfectly or NOT AT ALL?
      things like that....

      Sorry if there is one like this i went through quite a few pages of Results...
    2. My sister made me some undies for my boy. He's not yet home and we're hoping they'll fit him okay, since he's not the same size as her gal. And I have some fabric to make him some things-- I have a pattern for leggings that will be the right size (and they'll be mildly stretchy!) so that he can wear his dark-coloured trousers all the time without me worrying about staining.

    3. That's quite the thing about me! I'm still waiting fir my first doll but have already made quite a lot of clothes, as I can sew and crochet, and got her some really small things (she's a tiny) and even made a sofa, but it is currently inhabited by my two Juku couture dolls and they don't seem ready to leave it :lol:
    4. Yeah, one of the dolls I expect to receive first is a tiny little thing that fits kelly clothes, so I managed to find a little generic kelly-ish doll with a soft body to use as a model and to use to find furniture, accessories, etc. I'm working on making clothes that suit someone that size, and that are also kind of playful and spritely. We'll see if they fit when it gets here!
    5. I make shirts and knit sweaters...As much as I try, I'm not that great of a seamstress and things don't fit 70% of the time. As for pants? I buy those off the marketplace...I can never get them right. :sweat I'm more apt to make accessories for my dolls. ^^
    6. I try to make things before they come, though I have learned the hard way I can't make stuff from just measurements--but a kimono fits everyone, so I have a few "welcome kimonos" I have made and put on dolls until they get their more character-appropriate clothes. In one case I bought a kimono for one guy because I knew it would fit and I loved it--it was from the MP here and was the perfect fabric for the character (he hasn't taken it off since;).
    7. When I was waiting for my first boy I made several things for him to wear based in the measurements from the site, including underwear XD But only one thing fit him, and it fit pretty nicely, too.
    8. I can't sew for dolls unless I have them in hand. Patterns for doll clothes are notoriously inaccurate and I need the body to tweak the pattern (or to make a pattern) for a proper fit.
    9. I've bought stuff so they aren't naked until they have proper clothing, but haven't made anything; I don't want to spend a while bunch of time making something that might possible not fit, or could look terrible haha

      Besides, personally I don't really decide the style and colour scheme of a character until they arrive. I find it a whole lot easier to design clothes for something in front of you, than a picture on a computer ;)
    10. Ooooh, I *tried* to do that once upon a time when I was waiting for my first doll to arrive. I found measurements on a website and made some really basic stuff so he wouldn't be stark naked when he arrived. ...Some of the things worked out all right (like the loose hoodie), but most of it was really ill-fitted. I find it MUCH easier to make things with a doll already on hand. Having more than one is better for incoming dolls that I want to sew for - i just use them as a model. ;)
    11. I don't even know how to make my own patterns, but I'm definitely the type that makes clothes when I have the subject available. So when I get mine, that's when I will start making him clothes. But that's my little opinion. If you think you can do it before you have the recipient more power to you.
    12. I don't know how to sew much, but I like making props...
      That said, I'd like it better if my bjd doesn't have to sit around naked for a long period of time...so I want to have at least something basic on hand for when he arrives. More complex stuff and prop-making however will wait until after, so I know what will really look good ^^
    13. I'm currently in the process of getting a Soom Nenad, and she's (going by Soom's measurements) the exact same size as a barbie. So I'm using one of the only Barbies I kept to make clothing, so when I get my doll she won't be bare.
    14. Pants! Or at least, underwear. From measurements. XD
      Everything else can wait for the doll to arrive.

      Lately, though, I've bought several things for dolls I'm saving for and haven't even purchased yet. I think DoA is changing me . xD
    15. It's times like these where I wish I knew how to sew, knit or crochet... :(
    16. I knitted a sweater and a few dresses and crocheted some stuff too. For size reference I used a little dress that I etsy-ordered for my little girl. And of course, the size measurement chart for Pukifees was very helpful. I hope everything looks nice and fits well :)
    17. i agree with that...
    18. I was thinking of making something before she arrives but sadly it's hard to sew something if you don't really have it in front of you, or at least for me it is. ^^; I've only been sewing for a year but since the patterns I find for the dolls aren't the right sizes, I decided to just wait until she arrives. But I have TONS of scraps and on the day she appears, my friends actually wanted to have a little BJD Shower in a way. 6u6 Just basically celebrating and making her clothes so we'll be making enough for her to wear. But I do have a little cape hoodie that I used the ONLY pattern I had from a magazine XD
    19. I have my wonderful best friend Val who took measurements of Neo's body for me so I can make my Divrak some clothes. I admit, I'm doing only simple things like skirts/loincloths/wrap pants. Now, he's not a cross dresser, but he's a satyr (RS Mu) so he has funky legs and my kimono attempts are fail. He's the type of guy who lives way out in the woods and makes his clothing of animal hides, grasses, leaves and flowers. So...he'll have things like a grass skirt, a flower skirt and a leafy skirt. Then I'll make him some lovely front flap only and double flapped loincloths. He would, however wear normal clothes when he ventures into the nearest village and buys them, but I have to make them to fit his thighs. Of course, being a wild child, he'd just as soon parade about naked without feeling any shame.


      So yup! I'm making them before he arrives and thanks to Val, they will fit.
    20. Hahaha. Oh boy. I wait until they come to make them clothes. I once made a dress for Kotori- and I used a bratz doll for sizing :oops
      It was like just one boob fit in the torso. xD I really didnt know how big she would be.