Making vs Buying

Jul 4, 2016

    1. In your experience, do you prefer making or buying? Be it clothing, props, hair, or even the doll itself.
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    2. definitely making.
    3. If I could make stuff, I would most likely prefer making things. There's just that great feeling of accomplishment that you get when you make something. I would love to feel that way with the hobby. One day... :)
    4. I'd say "making", even of there are some things (like eyes and shoes) that I' cannot make myself. But mostly this hobby is about creating things for me: sewing clothes, painting face ups, trying my hand on wigs, props, shoes.
    5. It depends. I'll buy if there's something I need and it's possible to buy so why bother. Or if I don't know how to do something and can order custom it's really easier that way. But currently I have to make tons of things because I know they'll be the way I need them and mostly for the sole reason the dolls I want stuff for are too rare|uncommon to find something to fit them.
      So after 7 years in the hobby I ended up with making nearly everything, including eyes, shoes and doll parts.
    6. Buying. :) I've made jewelry and props but for wigs, eyes, shoes, clothes and anything finiky I would rather buy.
    7. I prefer to buy. I'm lazy in that regard, and I like to support small artists, so I try to buy from people on etsy, verses buying from overseas companies.
    8. I'm a collector, not an artist... I have very little talent for making things myself, so I'm mostly a buyer.
    9. I always buy the shoes, cause those I can't make. As for clothes I do both: buy, make, alter etc. Accessories I generally make those myself. Props depends, so both.l ^^

      And I would LOVE to make a doll some day :D
    10. I make some and buy some. For shoes and wig I don't know how to make so I buy. As for clothes if I see something I like I will buy, I will also make some simple clothing.
    11. Definitely buying for now, but I hope that I'll transition to making when I get further into the hobby. I love to make my own things, but I'm not super great at being crafty yet.
    12. Buying for the most part, but I'm transitioning into making my own props and clothes. (I'm such a terrible seamstress, but I've got to start somewhere!) Currently I'm working on making a bed for my 60 cm dolls ^^
    13. Buying. :sweat I'm not talented nor patient enough to do the trial and error in crafting. The least I can do is photographing them myself. :3nodding:
    14. Making is my thing. I've done some buying, but apart from the dolls themselves I almost never order anything online. I often browse thrift stores for props and furniture and porcelain dolls with eyes I can use. But clothes, wigs, shoes and accessories I will usually make if I can figure out how.
    15. I'm a maker.

      I buy shoes, wigs, eyes, and small props and accessories (especially food items); but I make all of my clothing, jewelry, and some of my furniture, and I do my own face-ups.

      I agree with @she_flame. For me this is a very creative and interactive hobby, so I like to do as much as I can myself. It makes me feel more connected to the dolls to know that so much of me is in them.
    16. For the most part, my area of artistic expertise and passion lies in the realm of drawing and writing. I have learned through much trial and error that when it comes to creating things with my hands, I am hopeless, so therefore I tend to prefer buying.

      However, I still have the desire to make-specifically jewelry, clothes, and sculpted items. So at the moment I am sculpting my own doll head, as well as teaching myself basics in sewing and jewelry-making. Aside from the head, these are usually small, simple projects so as not to become overwhelmed or frustrated with them. Would it be cool to sew a gala dress? Yes. Would I enjoy any of the process of actually creating it? NO. So I stick to gathered skirts instead, which is enough to make me happy.
    17. I love buying, but I alter everything I buy, including shoes. I can't be satisfied with leaving things just the way they are. I have to make it my own so I guess in that respect I am a maker more than a buyer. I also enjoy the process of making things compared to buying. I do plenty of research when making a decision to buy, but the excitement doesn't last. I am happier making something I would be proud of spending my time on, even if there was no instant gratification.
    18. Both. I make things when I'm in the mood to be creative (and it feels great when I'm done!) but I also buy them when I know it'd be too much pressure on myself to try and make everything my dolls wear.
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    19. It really depends on the item. I have zero skill in sculpting dolls or eyes, so I always buy them. I have very little skill in wig making, or shoes, so I usually buy them too. Clothing just depends. I feel I can make something basic like blank tshirts, hoodies, tank tops, underwear and simple shorts for about $2-3 each, so I don't spend $10+ on those things. But I'm not very good at making jeans, bras, formal suits, baseball caps or jackets, so I usually buy them, since cost of materials + shipping of materials + time to make + frustration level is usually far greater than the cost of the item itself. I also make a lot of props (especially food and drink props!) because that's just fun! Though I do also buy some things too for variety.
    20. I like making ball gowns and formal wear and buying the casual clothing. I'm strange that way.:wiggle