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Male Unoa Optional Parts

May 17, 2006

    1. I don't have any picutres, but my freind stumbled aross a few. I belive it's the Unoa boy "option parts" that you're thinking of, you can replase his normal limp weewee with a uhm... stiff weewee. I don't know if that's quite right, just what I saw from the pictue. Hopefully that helps you find what you're looking for.
    2. The erect little one is soooooo cute, I almost want to buy an L-bi just for that reason alone :blush
    3. You've got a point...but I feel kinda pedofilliac about liking itXDDDD Still somewhat strange;)
      Thank you for the pics^^
    4. Well with names like L-bi and B-el (BL=boylove) I imagine Gentaro Araki was a little inspired by shota and intended it like that ♥
    5. ive wanted a B-el for a while and now i ust want one more! XDDDD
    6. Oh my.... I guess dolls are not so innocent anymore. XD
    7. i've wanted a b-el for a long time, but i had no idea he had that....feature XD;;

      i could imagine on his first day home one of my friends yanking his pants down and his winky falling off XDDDD
    8. This is going to sound incredibly wrong, but oh well.

      The option parts fit quite snuggly into his body. I don't worry about either of them coming loose on me. The little one is actually a bit of a pain to get out, as it needs to be turned around just to get a good enough grip to pull it out.

      Gentaro Araki is a complete and utter perv (just look at the pictures he does of the dolls), but I love my L-bi, and I can't wait for my second one to get home.
    9. ...I'm sorry, this is terribly wrong, but it would be so funny to do a photostory involving accidental doll erection XDDDD HILLARIOUS.

      "Em, so-and-so, what's that in your pants? o___O"
    10. O,o lmao. Those pics are awsome. XD
    11. LOL...my friend would love this doll.
    12. I..I feel like a pedophile.. XDD;;
    13. AHAHAH
      this made my day. fantastic!
    14. ahhahahhahaa/... wow... i can't imagine the purpose of the erect penis.. ahhaha..
    15. ...wow...i'm frightened.
    16. i love araki so much.

      dirty moaning face, optional erections- he makes my day! <3 now if only i could bring the boys home >_> ::shakes fist ::
    17. XD If you can turn it, you can give them a semi, too..! Oh, the customisability! Just imagine if you took him out one day and forgot he had his erection on! :lol:
    18. Far out.
      Some will like it some won't, the ones that don't, don't have to get it.
    19. Say there resin man...is that plastic in your pocket, or are ya just glad to see me? ROTFLOL!!!! :D Has anyone else noticed that Tiny Bear's guy seems to have a real "handle" on the situation, hmmm? Looks to be a fellow perfectly capable of giving himself a hand....er hmmm...;)

      Juli DC :)
    20. Umm... have any of you with these boys had issues with them.... err... falling off? How exaxtly are they held on? ::has visions of boys losing their junk down their pant legs::