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Male vs. Female Resale Value

Sep 9, 2010

    1. I may be very new to the market place, and DoA in general, but as I browse the market, I can't help but notice one thing, girls. Lots of low priced girls. I've spent a good bit of time looking through both the old and new market places, through MSD's, SD's, and Tinies, and while I'm searching for a boy, there seems to be so few of them for resale, and when they are, they're upwards of a hundred dollars more than the average girl doll. It promted a bit of curiosity, and now I think it would be smarter (on my part at least XD) to hear from the more experienced members of DoA on this.

      I did a search on similar topics, and found nothing, but Mods, please move/delete this thread if/as nessecary:)

      Have you noticed the price difference and ratio when it comes to male and female dolls in the market place? Do you think the difference is substantial, or relitively nonexistant?

      What do you think causes this difference between the two?

      Do you think there is a difference in the value of a doll based on its sex?
    2. Wow, I actually noticed this a little while ago. I didn't see a drastic difference in the price (I admit, I never shop for boy dolls so I don't pay attention to their price,) but definitely noticed that girls tend to "linger" longer on the marketplace.

      Maybe there are just mostly girls in the hobby anyways? I'll definitely be interested to hear more from more experienced members.
    3. I haven't noticed a difference in sale figures between boy and girl dolls, but I haven't been looking for it either. Boy dolls often cost a bit more than girl dolls of the same size and from the same company when it takes more resin to make a boy. This difference, however, is rarely more than $100 and usually closer to $50.
      In actually sale numbers, I don't know if people buy more boys than girls, but if boys are more popular, it's the law of supply and demand. If you want to sell something and nobody buys it (soon enough), you'll slowly drop the price. If you want to sell something and someone buys it, you don't have to drop the price.
    4. I haven't noticed this and I'm not quite sure it's true. You leave out factors like size, company etc.
      Maybe girl dolls get sold more, and because there's more in the marketplace, there's no choice but to have the lowest price if you want to sell quick.
      I don't think it's a gender thing. There's very few companies that sell boys for more money than girls.
    5. Hmmmm actually I've noticed quite the opposite sometimes. ^_^;;; I tend to buy and then when I change my mind sell, a lot of Volks Yo SD and the molds that tend to sell the best are ones usually thought of as girls or girly. I've also noticed that BF girls usually sell better than BF boys, but again it might be the brands/sizes I happen to like.
    6. Rather excited :) I'm yet to visit the Marketplace but as I am largely into female dolls, I am pleased to hear this. I guess if more people are inclined to buy female dolls, there would be more for sale? I suspect those who actually choose to buy a male doll are inclined to keep him?
    7. Well, I've noticed that male dolls seem to be by far more popular than female dolls at the moment so it wouldn't really surprise me, if this preference would reflect itself in the marketplace secondhand prices.
    8. This has been my experience too. I only collect Volks and tend to focus on them more than other brands but it seems to me that for every expensive Williams there is an equally expensive Luna and for every Genji/Riesner there is an even more expensive Shinku/ Suigintou. :)
    9. I haven't noticed a difference -- usually popularity of the sculpt (as well as rarity) is what determines prices. If a lot of more popular male sculpts have hit the marketplace lately, then I could see that having a short term effect. It's probably something that varies depending on who's selling what, and who's buying.
    10. I think it might be because the majority (MAJORITY, not everyone) of people in the bjd world are girls who like boy dolls. I think there was actually a poll about that somewhere...
      So I just think that boy dolls are more valued/wanted :)
    11. I feel the same way as monipod. If it means I can get a girl doll for cheaper, that works for me.
    12. I haven't noticed the price difference, as I've only started looking for one specific male, and I have yet to see any for sale at all, but I definitely notice a difference in how many people own him.
      I don't know if it's because he's male, or if it's just because he's a less popular sculpt.
    13. From what I've personally seen, judging only on Volks dolls, as those are the only ones I keep up with; SD 10/13 boys and girls are about equal, it just depends on the mold. MSD boys seem to be off the market quicker and at a higher price (not surprising since there are very rarely boy MSDs releases and most of the standards are girls), while girls seem to linger longer. YoSD boys seem to be cheaper than YoSD girls, but girls still seem to linger longer, probably because of their higher selling price. For YoSDs, as a general, they seem to sell just about as often between boys and girls, but the girls at the higher price and boys at the lesser price, with more girls being listed than boys. I also noticed something interesting about just YoSD bodies. The girl bodies normally sell easily at around $170-$200, while the boy bodies are harder to sell and are normally closer to $150.