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Mallory update 24th June 2007

Mar 2, 2007

    1. Latest update 24th June

      OK .. I have finally made a decision about how I will be casting Mallory.
      I have sent a PM or email to everyone on my list for her so if you have not received anything from me please PM or email me at kazekids(at)hotmail(dot)com and let me know if you still want Mallory and what option and skin colour you choose.

      Thanks everyone for being so patient with me.

      I am going to offer 2 alternatives.

      1: head only .. I can match Volks pureskin normal and Volks pureskin FCS white. All my resin will be UV stabilised.

      2: head and body. The body will come with the seam lines roughly sanded but will need to be smooth sanded by yourself. I am offering her this way because the sanding gives me bad dermatitis (I always wear gloves but it still get's to my skin somehow!).

      The full dolls will come in creamy white or normal flesh colour and will be slightly translucent French resin that will be UV stabilised to prevent yellowing. She will be "no frills" Mallory and will be shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and in a cardboard packing box.

      Both options will come with a certificate

      Head only blank .. $150 including airmail but an extra $7 if you want insurance .. contact me for EMS quote.

      Head only with faceup ... $200 with airmail and an extra $7 for insurance.

      Full doll: $500 without faceup or $550 with faceup .. plus shipping. Please contact me for airmail or EMS shipping quote.

      I am not taking deposits yet!! My plan is for each of you to contact me and let me know if you still want a Mallory and if so do you want just the head or a full doll and what colour resin you want her cast in. I then plan on casting in batches and I will contact you as I have your head or doll cast and you can make payment once she is cast.

      Sorry it's been such a long delay with Mallory.

      Ordering is closed for Mallory . She is only available to those already on my list. Sorry.

      Heres a pic of the only Mallory I have completed so far!!

    2. She is almost finished.
      I'm hoping to list her on ebay this weekend :)
      I have given her pink eyes for these pics .. can't decide if I like pink or blue eyes best!? The eyes look brown here but they are actually a light pinkish colur.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Hope you like her.
    3. How long do you believe it might be before you will know if you will be offering kits for sale?
    4. A couple of days I hope .. I'll update that info as soon as I can.
    5. Bump for added info
    6. Updated info added on original post.