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Man Parts - How Important Are They?

Feb 22, 2012

    1. After a quick exploration filling the Search function with various terms used to define man parts, I was unable to find a previous post on this specific question. I am certain that after reading this, y'all will think I am simply perverted, and I promise you....that you are absolutely correct in that line of thinking! Jokes, jokes. Now on to the completely serious questions at hand:

      1. In regards to male BJDs, how important to you is the manhood sculpting?

      2. Does it upset you when the BJD company or forum members censor the man parts when posting pictures of male BJD sculpts?

      3. Have you ever purchased or decided not to purchase a male BJD sculpt after you saw his man parts?

      Now, I shall answer my own questions and hopefully validate this inane posting of mine. Being new to the hobby, I have researched many a male sculpt looking for what for me would be the penultimate (at least to start out with) body figure. One of the things I looked at was the manhood sculpting. The character I have in mind is an adult, so naturally, I want him to be equipped as such. I have come across several sculpts of mature BJDs that, quite frankly, were hung like a two year old! This disturbed me deeply, for some reason. I mean, it made the guy feel demasculinized to me. I said to myself, "That should not be hanging off of a grown man...er, doll." Also, the boy parts made me feel uncomfortable, even though it wasn't inappropriate. Pedophilic, even. As far as the censorship thing, it did bother me, although I understand why they do it. Still, it is a doll, and not real, and not grossly overexaggerated. As stated above, a lot of the time the parts were underexaggerated! Maybe there is a sub-culture out there that gets off on doll nudity, but that is not I. I want to see what the parts look like! In my opinion, a simple warning message would suffice before proceeding to the uncensored pictures. After all, that's all you get before entering adult-oriented web sites and they have far, far FAR more vulgar offerings. Then again, that is what the blessed internet and Google are for! Oh, and Flickr. So, it's not that big a deal, but I do feel a bit pervish searching DoA and the internet for naked man-dolls. Lastly, yes, I have decided not to purchase a BDJ based on the man-parts alone due to what I have drawled on about above. So, what say you?
    2. *brain explodes* *_*


      I think this topic has been addressed already. I'm sure that you'll be re-directed to a thread that talks about this subject...

      In the meantime your questions:

      1: It's not really that important to me, I'd like that the male-part is there, but sculpting wise as long as it doesn't look like it was just slapped on or silly.

      2: Nope not at all, many members here use Photobucket and other photo-hosting services that don't allow dolly-nudity. I would like to see the bits, but it's really not vastly important that I get to see it. (Sometimes I enjoy the 'surprise')

      3: Nope, See my answers above. the only way I didn't buy a male doll is one that didn't have the male-parts at all. (I dislike "Ken" -type dolls)

      oh yes, just a little note for your observation about how "small" most male doll are? Its so that they fit into pants. YOur gonna hear this alot from other members telling you: Resin is not like fleshy parts, they don't squish into pants right, if a male-scupt was made true to life, it would bulge out in a very strange way.
    3. If I take photos of my dolls with frontal nudity, Photobucket deletes them, so if/when I decide to sell a male doll, it's a kind of race between me and Photobucket as to whether I can get my doll sold before the photos are deleted. Lots of doll companies have nude photos of the male dolls, but sometimes they are not easy to see on the website; you have to hunt for them a bit. Male parts vary a lot on dolls, as you have observed. Soom Idealian dolls are very realistic as is Dollshe. A couple of companies have options for interchangeable parts and one member here has sculpted and cast optional parts for male dolls. To get exactly what you want, you may have to mod a bit.
    4. 1. In regards to male BJDs, how important to you is the manhood sculpting?
      the sculpting isn't super important to me, but i would prefer a nice, average, unobtrusive looking...man part. just so that it's not even a slight issue when it comes to considering that body. ^^

      2. Does it upset you when the BJD company or forum members censor the man parts when posting pictures of male BJD sculpts?
      i personally think it's ridiculous, but...i do understand why they do it. but it seems a bit like censoring a statue or something.

      3. Have you ever purchased or decided not to purchase a male BJD sculpt after you saw his man parts?
      there is a doll body i really like, and have thought about purchasing...but one thing holding me back is the detachable penis. it just seems weird to me. i don't want it to detach. though some people may take advantage of that for a photoshoot or something, i wouldn't, and i just don't like the way it looks. it makes it look sort of cheap to me.
    5. 1. In regards to male BJDs, how important to you is the manhood sculpting?

      My, I´d really like two of my boys, Keanu and Iason to have manhood pieces like Dragon uncle body or Spirit Herculean body, but I don´t trust DragonDoll that much, and the herculean body is too heavy! (5,5 kg).

      2. Does it upset you when the BJD company or forum members censor the man parts when posting pictures of male BJD sculpts?
      About BJD companie: yes, it really set me upset. We almost don´t know what we´re buying
      About forum members: no, because the owner is free to show her/his doll the way she/he want.

      3. Have you ever purchased or decided not to purchase a male BJD sculpt after you saw his man parts?
      No. I choose by face and body constitution, but I´ve never choose only by man piece. Once my dolls are characters, they appear and I say "That´s him/her!" So, my choices envolve the doll at all.
    6. I know that at least one sculptor on this forum makes custom penises for 60-cm dolls and upwards, so it seems you're not the only one dissatisfied with them!

      Of the dolls I own, most of them have fairly nondescript, uncircumcised (if they're detailed at all) penises. Apart from my SD13, who came with what I can only describe as a nightmarish haggis where his genitalia should have been. Oh, and none of them have testicles, ever.

      I'll second Elysion Gear, in that dolls just aren't squishable enough to make a realistic-looking penis that fits inside of trousers.
    7. 1. In regards to male BJDs, how important to you is the manhood sculpting?

      A bit. I'm going to get my future male doll modded so his manhood looks descent.

      2. Does it upset you when the BJD company or forum members censor the man parts when posting pictures of male BJD sculpts?

      Yes! I want to know exactly what I'm buying, and censoring is almost like trying to hide what they're selling you.

      3. Have you ever purchased or decided not to purchase a male BJD sculpt after you saw his man parts?

      No, and it wouldn't change my description. I'd just get it modded. Unless it was a total train-wreck, I guess....?
    8. ... I think my face just turned 5 darker shades of red from this topic :lol:I jest, of course.

      1. In regards to male BJDs, how important to you is the manhood sculpting?
      Not very important, to be honest. However, I really don't like it if it just looks like a nub of resin was just slapped on there for convenience's sake. Like with female BJDs, I prefer it if it looked "natural," so to speak, but as far as genitalia goes, I really don't want it to be extremely detailed and eye-catching. (There's a certain point on the uncanny valley that I'm not willing to face :sweat Same goes for female genitalia as well.)

      2. Does it upset you when the BJD company or forum members censor the man parts when posting pictures of male BJD sculpts?
      It depends on how they censor it, really. Blurring it out or putting basic circle is fine, but I've seen one where it was completely blown out of proportion and I couldn't see how the lower torso joint (if there was one) and the thigh joints worked. Sometimes, I find it to be a bit ridiculous. However, I find that when they pose the doll in a way so it covers its manhood, it often looks like a work of "tasteful nudity" art. (So I'm a huge fan of covering it that way.)

      3. Have you ever purchased or decided not to purchase a male BJD sculpt after you saw his man parts?
      There's a doll body that I was considering, but like orphansparrow's scenario, it had a detachable penis. I honestly find that extremely disconcerting... because it reminds me of those Barbie dolls that grew breasts by winding its arm. If a guy doll didn't have the parts at all, then I'd probably not buy it, as I'm not a fan of "Ken" dolls like what Elysion gear said. (Unless it was something like, a tiny.) To me, the genitalia also plays as much of a role as the other parts on a doll's body, as I'm particularly interested in realistic forms. If I feel like it doesn't look right or looks "off," then I just don't find that doll to be appealing ^^;
    9. See, this shows off my noobishness. I never even thought of the pants issue, although I must say it wouldn't be a problem for me to have a raging bulge there on my guy doll! Thanks! :lol:
    10. This is a very important consideration. But, for nude photography, I think that I would want a detachable member... Because I don't want people to think that my male OC is so small down there. I guess it's silly but as an artist and loving mother to these OCs, there is so much pride in being their "parent" that I would want them to be sexually attractive/interesting.... I guess.
    11. If male dolls had a normal sized penis the sculptor would have to decide which side to hang it on, like real men do, so that they could wear pants! Then the doll would look quite ridiculous nude! LOL!
    12. *lol* now' that's a mental image to linger over. :D

      We were all noobs once....*embarrassed nostalgia*
    13. AHAHAHA! Nightmarish Haggis.

      As for me, of course I would want a male doll to have all nice body parts, including the wang. After all it really is just another part of the body and honestly shouldn't be treated much differently. Aside from calling it funny names sometimes. Like wang.

      Yes, it upsets me when the doll companies do not provide any uncensored photos of this part. Heck no I do not want to unwittingly purchase any "nightmarish haggis".

      I haven't yet purchased a male human doll. I have male pipos dolls which are cutesy little animals, so in that case I actually think I prefer the no-genitals. Real animals are usually covered up by fur down there anyway.
    14. You know, if there is one euphemism for male genitalia that I dislike the most, it would be "manhood". Having a penis and a pair of dangly balls has nothing to do with being a man! But, that's off-topic. I just thought of it because I kind of cringed when I read the post. :sweat

      Anyways, the size of the package of my boys really doesn't matter to me. As long as there is some passing resemblance to a penis and some attempt at testicles (which is usually pretty pitiful, otherwise they'd get in the way of doll posing), and it's not horribly misshapen and deformed, I'm satisfied. I really only need it there so that a) pants sit properly, but without looking like someone's packing a perma-boner and b) represent the character accurately, as I have a few characters (angels, and a few gods) who are male-looking, but lack genitalia (either because they don't feel like having any, as is the case with one of my child gods, or because they were made that way, and their lack of genitalia signifies complete and total lack of carnal desires and gender). So the boys with the functioning junk need to have it in doll form too. However, I do not spend a long time agonizing over the penis size of my male character, so I don't agonize over their doll penises either. All I know is that not being hung like a donkey with a horse penis has no bearing on my character's sexuality or sexual appeal (if they have any), nor his masculinity, and I generally just go with "some kind of child" and "some kind of adult", according to the age/physical appearance of the character/doll.

      (And OP.... have you been looking at child dolls? Because child dolls (YoSDs, a large fraction of MSDs and even some SD's) are meant to be children, and I think it would be more disturbing for children to have adult genitalia. :| )

      As for companies and individual censoring their photos - in some countries it is in fact illegal to show genitalia, or a representation of genitalia without censoring (which is silly, yeah, but it's still their law....). I think a lot of companies are just trying to cover their bases. And as another person pointed out, photobucket is VERY strict and very quick about removing photos of nude dolls, so people who are trying to sell dolls, or post doll comparisons usually resort to censoring to ensure that the photo stays up. As long as the censoring isn't intrusive, I don't really care.

      And no... I have never put off buying a doll because they had funny-looking genitals. I almost didn't buy a doll because at first I didn't like that he didn't have a penis at all (he was supposed to be a chibi version of an adult character). But then he developed a new character of a child god and it just feels SO WRONG to even consider getting him a gendered body. That's not who he is. So.... odd package or not, if I like the body, I'll buy it. Although in my experience, more often than not sculpts that have odd-looking genitals also have odd-looking everything else, which would discourage me from buying much more than funny-looking genitalia would. If everything else is perfect, I'll either ignore it, or if it was REALLY important for the character (for example, my god of creation who often goes naked and has a statuesque body) I can always mod it. Junk is easy to add.

      I mean, don't get me wrong, it's nice to have the doll with genitals that match the rest of the body in terms of attention and detail. I wouldn't shun that. But I wouldn't actively seek it out either.
    15. 1. While I don't care if the doll is particularly well endowed I do find that the bits must be the right size for the age of the character. This had caused some problems for me in finding the perfect sculpt for Alistair, my half Japanese half celtic adult character. He is in his mid twenties, married, and a father of three , but he also cannot be bigger than 50 cms or smaller than 45 cms or he would not look right with his family. A lot of sculpts I had found were either too small or not muscular enough or the wily was the size of his sons. I didn't want my poor guy to be embarrassed, lol. I eventually was able to find the souldoll nl body and Shaun works well fof my character as well.
      2. I feel that since we are an international forum that it is necessary to censor the man bits, or at least not post crotch shots. I do wish more members would post links to the uncensored images though.
      3. Yes, as mentioned abpve I have decided against a doll based on the size of his willy, but if I hadn't found the one I did I would have sent his bottom off to be modded to fit the character.
    16. All I can think of is if you judge a man's masculinity based on the size of his junk, then sure, he's demasculinzed. However, in female terms, this is like saying "God, she's not very feminine, her breasts aren't big enough!" *Cue outrage about how sexist this is*

      At the risk of being TMI or overly graphic, someone who is considered large when erect can be quite small when not erect. On a normal, average sized human male, the non-erect penis can be as small as 2 inches. There are many factors why, such as it's really cold, or he's feeling uncomfortable. When you scale that down, suddenly what you see on a doll is much larger than scaled down average man.

      So what you think shouldn't be hanging off a grown man actually can be!
    17. 1. In regards to male BJDs, how important to you is the manhood sculpting?
      Not very, although fantasy dolls like some of the Impldoll ones just look plain weird with human bits. And IRL uncircumcised guys look... strange to me. I hadn't seen one until I was older so it's gonna take some getting used to.

      2. Does it upset you when the BJD company or forum members censor the man parts when posting pictures of male BJD sculpts?
      No way man. That doll is someone's character and they may be shy or not really open about that kind of thing. It's their choice.

      3. Have you ever purchased or decided not to purchase a male BJD sculpt after you saw his man parts?
      Nope, but I have been scared away from a company discussion from people complaining about "smallness". Hey when a guy isn't "up" he will be small, and the size before has no indication of the size after. It just seemed weird and creepy to me to dwell so much on it.
    18. Wooboy :lol:

      Yes, as everyone else has said, they have to be on the smaller side to fit into pants well. That said, I'd rather have a male doll with small genitalia than no genitalia at all. They just don't... fill out pants right. (Tinies and small anthro dolls are excluded from this, of course)
      The original Dollshe body was legendary... and notoriously hard to find pants for, back in the day.

      Funny-looking man-bits? Yep. I'll admit that it discouraged me from buying my Popodoll 68cm body for a while, but all the pros outweighed the cons, so I went for it. To be honest, it's not like he's going to be completely naked much, and the movable (and removable) part actually makes him look a bit more... natural with clothed.

      On censoring; some companies do try to make the censored parts still visible through if you squint hard enough... and I can understand countries' laws, that actually makes a lot of sense as to why.
      Other forum members, I agree it's a bit silly, the human body is a beautiful thing, and if you're at work/in public, you really shouldn't be browsing box opening threads and body/resin comparison threads anyways, nudity is kinda par for the course.

      However, some photo hosting services do seem to be rather uptight about doll nudity. Which is one of the reasons why I don't really use Photobucket anymore... In my case, I've done it a couple times since I was also cross-posting my doll opening to my LJ. Where some of my friends constantly complain and whine about why it's 'necessary' for a doll to be anatomically correct. :roll:
    19. Manhood seemed the least offensive to me. It seemed more appropriate than man-parts, penileness, etc. It was in no way a term used to define what it is to be a man.

      Indeed I have! Perhaps I wasn't as clear as I needed to be on my posting, but I thought it was rather long as it was, but I was talking about the mature doll sculpts that were supposed to be adults having what I considered having boy parts instead of appropriately sized genitalia. In my very humble opinion. This post is not referring to actual child-like BJDs.
      I totally did not mean this to come off as sexist, although now as I read back upon my previous posts, it does come out this way, does it not? Well, it wasn't meant to be, I assure you. I just like my penises large and, perhaps now "manly" is not the proper term to use to argue my point, but...manly. I in no way think a man should be judged by the size of his penis. Although it helps. Sometimes. Ahem. I just want MY man to be hung like a freakin' oak tree, okay?!? And yes, being a man, I am very aware of all the stages a penis can hang, so to speak, from cold and shrivelled to chub-like to swelling profusely. This wasn't meant to be a social commentary on what it means to be a man and such, just an asthetic view on naked male BJDs. Hopefully that comes across more crystal.
      Sadly, I am weird and creepy and like dwelling on my dolls' man-parts. I may have issues. Please don't judge. Too much.
    20. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you meant it that way. I was just remarking about how I disliked that word. (But.... it seems like "genitals" would probably be even more direct?)

      As for small penises on dolls meant to be mature - I agree with adhara. There is a very large portion of the human male population that uh, tend towards the "grower" variety, and there really isn't anything impressive about those in terms of size. The main distinction of ages is in the descended testicles, anyways. And dolls tend to only have one because otherwise you can't move the legs up without hitting them. :lol: