Sales Promotion [] All BJD best price guarantee offer!

Jul 15, 2016

    1. Our 7th Anniversary offer! We offer best price for any bjd brand from our 45+ brands!
      1) If you found the same BJD (from our brands) with cheaper price (with shipping or not) on another official dealer's page - mail us and we'll give you this price+2% additional discount!

      2) Recommend us to your friend - and receive 5% discount for your next BJD order after his/her purchase.
      1) This offer is for pre-ordered items only, for BJDs with the same oprions.
      2) You need to mail us other dealer's price before ordering.
      3) Event&sold out items are not taking part in this promotion.
      4) Only for full dolls over 100$
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    2. Just a question. From where are you shipping? I cant find it on your page. Not understanding everything
    3. Hello! We ship directly from China (if you order bjd of chinese brand) or from Korea - korean brands orders.

      Ems or airmail shipping available. We are official dealer of 45 bjd brands. We also have our own layaway if needed.
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