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Limited Items [Manga-zin.net] Sale of event&sold out LoongSoul,DollChateau and DollZone!upd:some of them are ready

Jun 20, 2016

    1. Announcement! Special news from Manga-zin.net - only for short period of time you can order through us some limited and sold out BJD dolls we still have. More info
      Some dolls are in stock now - Scorpio white nude, Angela white nude, Letitia and Carol nude, Larry face-up+blush.

      English order page

      1)Katherine and Madeline, fullset also available. Nude Doll - 239 usd, fullset 135 usd.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      2) DZ Scorpio nude or fullset

      3) Also you can order through us some sold out DC dolls - like Erwin, Olivia,Cyril - as heads or on another DC body.

      4) DC Larry - only 1 available. Without horns! Only with make and blush - 330 usd

      5) LoongSoul separate Dragon order - 190usd

      6) DZ Moon+Star with 10% off 2nd doll, 3 sets available
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      7) DZ Angela 160usd, 70usd make and blush
      8) Carol and Letitia
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      EMS or airmail to any country available. Paypal. If you're interested please mail at [email protected] or order here
      We have layaway! Also you can contact us via online chat in our shop.
      #1 Kara999, Jun 20, 2016
      Last edited: Jul 21, 2016
    2. Please remember that not all of these dolls are on topic for DOA at this time.

      DC Katherine, Madeline, Larry, DZ Scorpio, and the Loongsoul dragon are all off topic.
    3. Are there any layaway options available?
      Thank you ~
    4. Hello, sorry for that. And where can i find list of dolls that are iff topic on doa?
      Yes we have up to 3 months for limited dolls. Up to 6 months for all others.
    5. DZ Angela added to our specal sale!
    6. Please note, DZ Angela is also off-topic for DoA.
    7. @AirimirOfGondor Even if they're considered off-topic, can't they still be bought and sold in the Props & Miscellany section of the MP?
    8. Also interested) Because a lot of people here on DOA are interested in animal dolls and asking about them)
    9. We also have Letita and Carol in our su,,er sale event now. What about them?
    10. Yes, these particular off-topic dolls may be sold in the Props subforum.

      And Carol and Leticia are also off-topic. There is a list of off-topic dolls here:
      off-topic - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      But please note, this list does not include all off-topic dolls.
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    11. and we also can post our ad of them on props subforum?
    12. Kara999, you were advised already that dealers may not sell store inventory in the MP. You may direct people to your store site. Only individual owners may re-sell in the MP.

      And be aware that not every off-topic doll is automatically allowed as an animal companion or a prop.
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    13. Still possible to pre-order this sold out and event LS,DZ,DC dolls from us.
    14. We still have this offer.
    15. Now we have some dolls from this offer in stock and ready for shipping - Larry, Scorpio white, Angela white, Carol, Letitia - ready nude dolls. Larry with face up and blush. Also clients who ordered nude dolls from this list will receive their orders soon^_^