Sales Promotion [] Special split promotion DollZone mermaid sale only from us!

Jun 24, 2016

    1. We want to promote our DZ mermaids sales and offer our clients split sale of DZ mermaids head/body! Just now you can order head or body separately from us for short period of time! Dollzone Trieda, Frieda or Sawarieda!

      English order page

      Trieda/Frieda head - 200 usd, face up 75 usd, body 350 usd
      Sawarieda head - 480 usd, body 590 usd, face up 80 usd
      Also you can order them on human DZ body!
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      EMS or airmail to any country available. Paypal. If you're interested please mail at [email protected]
      We have layaway! Also you can contact us via online chat in our shop.

      Another our promo action DC/DZ international dealer - - only for short period of time you can order through us some limited and sold out BJD dolls we still have. More info
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    2. Add info. This offer is not limited by date, but limited by quantity!
    3. Addition - measurements of Sawarieda's body which you'll not find on DZ website and many peple asking for it.
      bust 6cm,shoulder 16.5cm,neck 5.5cm,weist 10.4cm, body heigth with head 100cm
    4. We still offer this split dz mermaids sale. Mermaids will be sold out soon as dz said. You can use this offer with dz event or our 12% off event.